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  • Windermere Week 2018

Windermere Week 2018

  • 04 Aug 2018
  • 10 Aug 2018
  • On and around Windermere, Cumbria UK


  • There are Rally Fees and some charges.
Windermere Week 2018

from Saturday 4th August to Friday 10th August 2017
at, on and around Windermere

2018 booking from available by clicking here.  
Please respond by 30th July 2018.

The organiser has been away most of the summer!

He will attempt to get an online booking form up this week but he has other work things to do which are getting in the way.

The Rally will take place over the week from Saturday August 4th to Friday August 10th (to fit in with accommodation many of you have already booked) - and perhaps those with limited time can be tempted to come for just the weekend.   Rally berths will be around the Ferry Nab and Windermere Marina Village locations. the format will be as last year - the 'low-key' style seemed to have suited everybody who came.

Berths for visiting boats:
There are 30 metres of berthing space at Ferry Nab, which I hope will give space  for 5 boats (more with rafting up).   There are 12 metres of space in the Marina which will give space for 2 (maybe 3 rafting) smaller boats.

Launching visiting boats:
Launch at the Ferry Nab slipway £13 (in & out) – pay-as-you-go.  Slipway is open 09:00 to 21:00.

Trailer & car parking:
Trailers can be parked at Ferry Nab and trailer parking will be included in the berthing costs.  A car parking permit for Ferry Nab (also close to the Marina) is £8 per day or £30 for 7days – pay-as-you-go. 

I will have steam coal delivered to my boathouse No 28 in the Windermere Marina.  The price tbd.  Collect the coal yourself (at a landing stage in Marina, Lat 54.3525, Long -2.9259).

Members without boats:
Are very, very welcome. I will sort out some clearing-house service to get you ‘allocated’ to steam on boats, probably from Ferry Nab.  Don’t be put off, do come.

Though this is still 'work in progress' 

Saturday/ Sunday 4 & 5th
Get to Windermere, register with the Wardens, launch, park trailers (phone me if you need a tow to your berth).  Buffet supper (needs pre-booking) in the upper room at the Boathouse Restaurant, Marina Village with cash bar, 5 mins walk from Ferry Nab.

Saturday 4th evening - take part in the Lake District Boat Club's Boat Parade at Bowness - email your participation to Gail Twiss at the LDBC.

Sunday 5th August - evening meal together
Activities on other days:

- Steam south to Fell Foot / Swan Hotel to be in Fell Foot Café / Swan / picnic lunch as you wish. 

- Steaming north to Wray Castle Harbour / Miller Ground / Waterhead for Tea / Barbeques / Picnics / Ice creams.

- Evening steaming for boats with lights

- a couple of communal evening meals, say in the Boathouse Restaurant, Windermere Golf Club

It is basically pay-as-you-go – with exceptions!
I am planning to charge a boat fee of £10 (for the week or part/week) and a fee for adults of £5 (for week or part/week); no charge for children or 1 day guests.  The fees will cover admin costs.  

Event type 1 / DS

Key to event types

1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance; these events count towards the SBAS boiler test Discount Scheme.

3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

5 - for information only

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