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Roger Mallinson's Windermere Invitational

  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 02 Jul 2021
  • Windermere

Roger Mallinson's Windermere Week 2021

The rally will start probably start with the a meeting on the Saturday evening, at the Wateredge Hotel in Ambleside.

After that it's anybody's guess. This is a very informal rally. We don't usually know what we are doing till after we have started. After some experiments during the non-rallies in 2020, we will probably use the Windermere Steaming WhatsApp group to attempt to coordinate things.

Roger is keen to know who is coming, so please try and keep him informed - contact details in the on-line members directory or the SBA members booklet. Contact other local SBA members (e.g. Roger Calvert or Dot Bullough) for more information.

Event type 5

Key to event types

1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance; 

3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

5 - for information only

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