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WhatsApp settings

15 Mar 2022 22:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As (I hope) you know we have a private SBA WhatsApp group for us to meet and chat without the world and his uncle watching over our shoulder.  To join you just tick the box in your "profile" (see top right of web page) that says "Yes, I want to be in the WhatsApp group".... HOWEVER!!!!

For this to work there are 3 things you must do:

  1. Have your mobile (cell) phone number in your  member profile
  2. Have the WhatsApp app loaded on your phone (Google or Apple app stores - it's free)
  3. Agree to give it the permissions it asks for when you install it  (relating to contacts particularly) ...

If these 3 things are not in place then we can't add you to the group and keep it private (visible to SBA members only)....

This is a real problem because out of the 61 members who have asked to join I have only been able to add 42 :-( 
 .... if you fix these things then I will be able to add you later :-) 

Cheers, Malcolm Duckett  - your friendly WhatsApp administrator :-)


  • 06 Apr 2022 09:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    As an Association with a fascination for Victorian technology it surprises me that Members are keen to use a technology that is known to be seriously damaging to your privacy and leave you open to scammers and other issues. Don't forget that the company is owned by Meta (Facebook - i.e. run by Mark Zuckerberg, the man who condones fake news, online bullying of children, interference in elections, etc. etc.). I feel that this Group should come with serious 'Health Warnings' given that the app will monitor your phone calls, your list of contacts and link into your Facebook data (if you still use that) and where you go. So you may not have the World and his uncle watching over your shoulder but instead you get Uncle Mark secretly looking at everything that happens on your phone.
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    • 09 Jun 2022 16:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      Pete, having been involved in the "big data" industry for almost 20 years, and telecoms for almost 40 I came to understand that the internet is free because it uses your data to pay for it. If this worries you then the only protection is to bin your online devices and disconnect your router/modem from the internet. ...and I am not sure that slating people is appropriate on the SBA site.
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