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New Steamboat Register

09 May 2014 22:49 | Deleted user

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the new interactive Steamboat Register is now officially ‘live’. Some of the more sharp eyed of you have already noticed that we have been doing some advance beta testing and have already been having a go – thanks for the feedback. For the rest that have been waiting patiently (well most of you have been patient!) for this moment you can now hit the keyboard and update your boat details.

The new system works in ‘real time’ (which means that things go live as soon as you press the keys on your keyboard); therefore no more waiting for updates to filter through the system - YOU are in immediate control. Please note that the username and password that you need to access the Register are NOT the same as your SBA website username/password – this is partly for technical reasons and partly for security reasons. There is an instructional video on the Index page of the new Register which should point you in the right direction.

Those of you who have a boat that was already in the ‘old’ Register should have had its details migrated across to the new Register and so, as long as your email address is correct, you can get your username/password emailed to you by clicking on ‘Help, I own a steamboat in the register but don’t know my log in details’ on the login page.

If you didn’t have your boat in the old Register you can easily create a new username/password from scratch on the same login page.

If you have any problems please email me and I will assist you in getting ‘Registered’.

This is the culmination of many man-hours of work behind the scenes over the last year or more and is a very great milestone in the Register’s history for which our immeasurable gratitude for making it all happen must be extended to our resident software guru: Kingsley Robinson.

Happy Updating

Kevin Slater CEng
Register Curator

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