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Medway Queen Crowdfunder

05 Oct 2014 19:59 | Deleted user

The Medway Queen Preservation Society writes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A new initiative has been launched to assist us in commemorating the Dunkirk Evacuation next year and to mark Medway Queen's part in that event. We intend to join in the commemoration on the 75th anniversary, either at Gillingham Pier or, if we can raise the funds, at Ramsgate with the "Little Ships".  For most of Operation Dynamo, Medway Queen operated out of Ramsgate.

Taryn, our admin assistant at Gillingham Pier, has sent out the following announcement. Crowdfunder is a way of fundraising for a set amount of money through the website
They are extremely popular, and have raised millions of pounds for all sorts of projects. It's a great thing for us to try as it doesn't actually cost anything to start up. If you look at our project, you can see there are different 'tiers', this means if you give a certain amount (e.g. £20) you get a gift of some sort. The link for our Crowdfunder project is:

If you want any more information please contact Taryn on

I appreciate that publications with long lead times may not be able to include this in time (the deadline is mid-November) so I have tried to focus this particular announcement on those with membership lists or websites where more immediate news may be of interest.

If you can help us by promoting this scheme (or taking part yourselves) please do so.

Richard Halton
Medway Queen Preservation Society

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