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steam plant for sale

25 Feb 2017 09:35 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Readers of e-bay may have noticed there is an entire steam plant up for sale in UK. This is ex. Flying Fox and would suit some one contemplating launch of 30 to 40 foot. the item has been for sale for some months now, It would be a great pity to see it go for scrap as it's price is very reasonable assuming it is in the condition described. I have no connection with the seller.
If you have pockets deep enough to build a big boat, this could be a bargain!
Regards John Maltby
e-bay ref 302234301079


  • 02 Mar 2017 10:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    I have been to see this 'plant' which, as John says, has been for sale since last autumn. We don't need to worry that it will be scrapped but the owner would like to 'move it on'. There is a comprehensive pile of stuff including feed pump, injectors, boiler, ashpan, engine, gauge glasses, etc. Well worth the £10k asking price - the engine alone is worth that. The boiler would need some refurb (including a re-tube - no doubt carried out by Steamwell Boilers!) but looks to be basically sound.

    I offered to take the smaller bits to the SBA AGM Auction but he prefers to shift it all as one big lot (and I wasn't prepared to lug that up to Brum - nor did I anticipate that it would sell).

    Cheers ... Kevin Slater
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    • 07 Mar 2017 07:46 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      I think It should be a concern to the SBA that a number of the larger class of steam boats have recently be converted to electric drive.
      Flying fox, Hero, Woodland lilly, Ribblesdale, and probably others, when is this madness going to end?
      Some one should buy this stuff for the future or the steam boat revival will eventually fizzle out.
      regards john maltby
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      • 08 Mar 2017 13:21 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
        As far as I know electric boats have been around for over 100 years, so it is probably no worse than replacing an internal cumbustion or electric drive with a steam plant? Indeed Flying Fox itself was, I believe, originally a motor boat?

        Whilst I have a passion for steam, I don't share John's fear that this is an indicator for the end of the world (as far as steamboating goes).

        Personally, I think there is great potential for steam/electric 'hybrid' drives?
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