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Notes from the 46th AGM on April 1st 2017

07 Apr 2017 21:56 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

46th AGM on April 1st 2017

Just over 110 members of the SBA attended the social event and AGM on Saturday 1st April in the Think Tank Venue in Birmingham.  Thank you all for supporting the event so well.

The morning’s auction went with a zing under the new management of Kevin and Gillie Slater, with Andy Hopper displaying his skill as an alarmingly disarming auctioneer.   Our members then variously journeyed into space in the Planetarium or back in time down in the Power Hall, where the exhibits included even a couple of steam launch engines.

In the AGM itself we welcomed overseas members from Germany, Spain and the USA.  The business reports were ably and briefly delivered by officers of the Association to clear the floor for the Funnel Editor to ‘entertain’ us with some excruciatingly predictable jokes that were, nevertheless, funny.  

Following the election of the new committee (you can find the list of committee members here) we said farewell Sir Neil Cossons, our President since 2003. 


Lord Forsysth (an SBA member himself since 2002) was elected as our new President by acclamation.

Our guest speakers Tugmaster Dan Cross and naval architect John Pope spoke passionately about the “Daniel Adamson” restoration project, holding us fascinated with the project history and the challenge of rebuilding the boiler.  Dan Cross, Sir Neil Cossons and Brian Smith, with Mark Rudall as moderator than ‘performed’ in a lively Q & A discussion on steam vessel preservation which provoked vigorous participation from the floor.

The formal paperwork from the AGM is still available for download in the members area here.

Roger Heise  Chairman

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