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Funnel back issues now searchable! (Improved!)

06 Mar 2019 12:09 | Anonymous member

Following some changes we made to the site, Google has indexed at least some of the back issues of Funnel on the site. So this means you can use Google to search these back issues.

To do this, you just tell google the site you want to search as follows:

So to search for say "turbine" you type

turbine site:www.steamboatassociation.co.uk/resources/funnelbackissues

into the search box on a google page.

(yes, that is a lot to type, but you could copy the text from this news item!)

You will get results from the Funnel Back Issues part of site. You can then open and search inside the issue in the normal way (cntrl-f will open a search box for you.)

enjoy :-)


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