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From the Funnel Editor

17 Mar 2020 22:20 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings to all SBA members. I’m in an unusual situation in having very little material for the next ‘Funnel’ – in fact no articles at all have arrived thus far, just a few ‘possibilities’ mentioned. This has never happened before!

I’m writing this as the implications of the Covid-19 crisis are making themselves felt with a vengeance and one result is that lots of us – including me – are being advised to self isolate.  Can I ask that if you have a story to tell, please let me have it within the next couple of week.  It would be very much appreciated and would enable us to have a Summer edition.


  • 20 Mar 2020 16:08 | Anonymous member
    As I told my Mr. Mate, I will do what I can, because, he said, he could not get a chicken at the super market, he had to buy steak instead. No.1 and I instead had chicken curry, rice and beans, rice pudding and peach slices as we steamed up the Yare. We tried to launch last Friday but Wesley (Series 2A Landrover) died as we joined the A146. The AA solved the problem with a lorry lift, Dick Plum took Banjo to the river but the mud defeated the Skoda. Wesley completed the job today with his new electronic points.We will now continue to self isolate, until the next steam!
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