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‘Funnel’, the SBA’s quarterly journal, arrives on members’ doormats at the beginning of March, June, September and December each year. 

Funnel 185 – Summer 2020 


Click image to read a reduced-resolution version of this Funnel

The current edition is no 185, shown here. 

We expect Funnel 185 (Summer 2020) to hit your doormat with a resounding 'thud' on or around June 1st. You should pick it up with a pair of tongs, spray it with disinfectant and quarantine it for at least three days before opening. But your partner (where applicable) probably does that anyway...

Of course, normally you would have mugged the postman as he/she came up the garden path, grabbed the package and ripped it open while scampering inside to fall happily into your favourite armchair for a peaceful couple of hours absorbing Funnel 185’s 96 pages of deathless prose.

The SBA is both technical and social: it’s produced for people who happen to be steamboaters, and so Funnel seeks to capture what’s going on as it provides details and reports of events, publishes your advertisements and a lot else. It’s a hard-print forum in which all members can have a voice if they care to sit down and put fingers to keyboard and send their deathless prose – with some nice photos - off to the Editor. 


Contributions should be sent to: Honorary Editor

Copy Deadlines

Spring/March issue:
31 January
Summer/June issue: 30 April
Autumn/September issue: 31 July
Winter/December issue: 31 October

Please submit all material
as early as possible!



For more Funnel contents, see the Cumulative Index, or the Back Issues Archive


Copy should ideally be sent in Word format. We publish to an 84pp A5 format so simply send straight Word files of the text and pictures as separate (rather than embedded) jpgs.

Photos and scanned drawings should be at 300dpi - i.e. JPGs saved as high quality.  

You can now also submit articles, letters and members' adverts from this website.


Small Adverts for steam related items are printed free of charge to members and on a one-off basis to other individuals at the Editor's discretion. Photos may be included if space permits.


For commercial advertisements email

Many items published in Funnel are the personal opinions of the contributor and therefore may not necessarily reflect SBA policy.

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