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250 Ton Crane
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Owner: Manchester Ship Canal Co.. (non-member)
Area: Manchester Ship Canal (UK).
HULLFloating crane
Built 1937 by N.V. Werf Gusto at Schiedam, Netherlands.
LOA: 147', Beam: 44' 3", Draft: 6' 6", Displacement: 600 gross tons.
No.716. Non self moving, minimum height 69'.
Built 1937 by Ashworth & Parker Ltd. at Bury.
For electric drive to crane, one 75 KW, one 40 KW. Plus: two small Ashworth & Parker engines on dynamo & air compressor; Various pumps by Drysdale, G. & J. Weir and Hayward Tyler; Warping drums and deck winches by Clarke Chapman.
Built 1937 by Lilybank Boiler Works at Glasgow.
Fuel: coal.
HISTORYNew to owners, steamed regularly.
Data: Reg7.
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(John Cooper) Runcorn
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