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Owner: River & Rowing Museum, Henley. (non-member)
Area: River Thames (UK).
HULLSaloon launch
Built 1874 by J.I. Thornycroft & Co. Ltd. at Chiswick.
LOA: 45', Beam: 6' 2".
Riveted iron
No.34. Aft saloon, black, varnished deck and interior, 15 mph.
ENGINESingle, 6�" x 8".
Built 1874 by J.I. Thornycroft & Co. at Chiswick.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG.
On 4 turned columns, 42 IHP, non condensing.
BOILERLocomotive type.
Built 1985 by Langley Engineering at Cowfold.
Pressure: 200 psi, 120 psi in use, Grate: 20" x 24".
Side fired, 2 injectors. 57 x 1�" id tubes 36" long.
PROP3 blades, 25" x 36".
HISTORYOwned by H. E. Rhodes, Henley, during 1880�s, and Ashton C. Allen c1891-c1948. Lay derelict at builder�s yard during 1960�s with engine kept in office. Acquired 1968, hull repaired, with steel, by Vosper Ship Repairers Ltd, Southampton, restoration completed and plant fitted by Historic Steam Ltd, Kew Bridge 1985. Acquired 1996, on display, phone: 01491 415610 for opening times.
Data: Reg7.
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(Brian Smith) SBA rally Windermere 1989

Left: 1961 - note spiral prop, right: 1960s - note whistle

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