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Owner: The National Trust. (SBA member)
Area: Coniston Water (UK).
HULLPassenger steamer
Built 1979 by Vickers Shipbuilding Group at Barrow.
LOA: 90', Beam: 15', Draft: 4' 10", Displacement: 45 tons gross.
Spoon bow, counter stern, midships varnished saloon. 86 seats, wheel steering, serpent figurehead. ON 389537.
ENGINEVee twin, 7" + 7" x 8".
Built 1979 by Locomotion Enterprises at Gateshead.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: Helical Sleeve.
Plate frame, bored trunk guides. 220 rpm, puffer.
BOILERLocomotive type.
Built 1979 by W. Bertram & Sons Ltd. at South Shields.
Fuel: coal, Pressure: 150 psi.
14' long 80 x 1" id tubes, 2 injectors, bilge ejector, 16 cwt. bunker.
PROP3 blades, 4' dia..
Shaft: 75 mm steel.
HISTORYOriginally built in 1859 by Jones, Quiggin & Co, Liverpool for the Furness Railway Co. Withdrawn in 1940, steam plant removed 1944, used as a houseboat, sank 1964, re-floated 1977, new hull built and fittings restored. First steamed again in June 1980. Available for evening charter ( Tel: 15394 41288). Ref: Classic Boat Feb 1997.
Data: Reg7.
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