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Owner: Forth Ports plc. (non-member)
Area: Leith Harbour (UK).
HULLFloating crane
Built 1928 by Ramage & Ferguson Ltd. at Leith.
LOA: 70', Beam: 28', Displacement: 121 gross tons.
No.266. ON 162694. Hull subdivisions for ballasting.
ENGINEHorizontal Twin.
Built 1928 by Cowans, Sheldon & Co. Ltd. at Carlisle.
Only for working crane, fixed jib with two hooks. Main hook 40 ton SWL max height 34'. Seperate horizontal duplex non rotative ballast pump.
BOILERRemoved. Since 1982 engines powered by portable deck mounted 600cfm, air compressor.
HISTORYNew to Leith Harbour Commissioners. Principle use has been to lift caissons at end of shipyard slipways prior to a launch. Now mostly used to move the heavy fender units on the Lead-in-Jetty.
Data: Reg7.
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(John Cooper)
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