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Owner: Malcolm Mackendrick. (SBA member)
Area: River Thames (UK).
HULLSteam and electric launch
Built 1993 by Duffield Marine at USA.
Model: Voltaire
LOA: 18', Beam: 6' 6", Draft: 1' 11", Displacement: 1.4 tons.
Side wheel steering, seating for 10 with centre table and carpet.
ENGINECompound, 2�" + 3�" x 2�".
Built 1983 by Trefor Milns.
Design: Cyril Taylor.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG.
On 6 turned columns, twin geared fp, ecc driven air pump, Kcond, 5 IHP, 400 rpm, Poly �V� belt drive geared up 1�:1. Electric auxiliary.
Built 1994 by Precision Steam at Tiverton.
Fuel: coal, Pressure: 150 psi, Heating Area: 28 sqft, Output: 180 lbs/hr.
No.712. No.5 size, helical coils, hand fp, injector.
HISTORYPurchased as an electric launch, but Sylvia�s good idea of combining steam and electric resulted in this dual fuel boat. Changeover from steam to electric is via a lever operated (Sam Wilkinson design) dog clutch anchoring the required engine to the prop shaft. To March 1998 cruised well over 1000 miles in England and France.
Eng 2 (Electric), 36 Volt General Electric 21/2 HP continuous duty, geared down 2:1 by �V� belt. Electronic MosFET continuously variable speed controller.
Reg7 (p.150)
Data: Dec 07.
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