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Owner: M. Richards. (SBA member)
Area: (UK).
HULLOpen launch
Built 1895 by J.Wilesmith & Co. at Worcester.
Fit-out 2006-07 by Malcolm Richards.
Carvel mahogany on oak ribs, iroko decks.
Straight stem, transom stern, wheel steering, varnished.
ENGINETwin, 2�" + 2�" x 2�".
Built 2004-05 by Malcolm Richards.
Design: Cyril Taylor.
Valve(s): Balanced sv, Gear: SLRG, Pumps: Engine-driven fp. Non-condensing..
One piece 3 bearing crankshaft. Hardened small end pins.
BOILERYarrow type WT.
Built 2007 by Malcolm Richards.
Fuel: coal, Pressure: 150 psi, Grate: 2.4 sqft, Heating Area: 32 sqft.
John King design, 6"steel steam drum, 4" steel mud drums, 206 x 12mm Cunifer tubes, superheater, economiser.
PROP3 blades, bronze, 16" x 23".
Shaft: 1" split SS/bronze, with u/j. Spherically seated ball thrust bearing..
HISTORYUsed until about 50 years ago as ferry on River Severn at Kepax, Worcester.
Lay derelict until rescued by Michael Lamb of Worcester, who fitted new oak keel and ribs.
Restoration completed by Malcolm Richards 2006-7
Data: Dec 07.
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