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Owner: N. Corner. (SBA member)
Area: Lake Windermere (UK).
HULLAdmiral�s barge
Built 1892 by J. Samuel White & Co. Ltd. at East Cowes.
LOA: 40', Beam: 9' 6", Draft: 3' 8".
Double-skin teak
No.888. Blue, varnished deck & saloon.
ENGINECompound, 4�" + 9" x 5".
Built 1891 by J. Samuel White & Co. Ltd. at Cowes.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG, Pumps: Xhead driven ap and fp.
On 5 turned columns. 450 rpm, 30 IHP, k.cond.
BOILER3-drum WT.
Built 1989 by Langley Engineering at Storrington.
Fuel: oil, Pressure: 150 psi.
LIFU type burner, 100 gall fw tank.
PROP3 blades, 30" x 29".
Shaft: bronze.
HISTORYBuilt for Admiralty as Pinnace No.236, appropriated to HMS EDGAR, 1893 HMS CRESCENT, 1897 HMS ROYAL ARTHUR, finally HMS POWERFUL, de-commissioned 1912, sold Ireland, converted to motor yacht on Shannon. Acquired by Geoffrey StJohn Dec 1988 shipped back to Gosport, restored by Maritime Workshop. First re-steamed Aug 1992 on R.Severn. Ref: Classic Boat, Oct 1992.
Aquired by Neil Corner 2002 for use on Windermere.
Data: Mar 06.
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SBA memberUK

(Brian Smith)

(Owner) 1992

(Neil Corner)
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