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Owner: S.R.St.J. Neill. (SBA member)
Area: Coventry Canal (UK).
HULLCanal Iceboat
Built c1830.
LOA: 30', Beam: 7'.
Riveted iron
4 berth, cabin forward, tiller steering, black. Built in Birmingham area.
ENGINESingle, 3˝" x 7".
Built c1900 by Bailey.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: Slip ecc., Pumps: Engine-driven fp, hand fp, two injectors.
Cast bottle type frame, flywheel, non condensing, engine driven fp. Former stationary engine.
BOILERV thimble tube.
Built 1960s by Clarkson.
Fuel: kerosene or oil, Pressure: 120 psi.
No.3308., 2’3" dia x 5' high, 90 1.7/8" dia tubes and 9 cross tubes. (Fitted 1998). Atomising steam burner - 50:50 mix of kerosene and waste oil.
PROP3 blades, 24" x 48".
HISTORYFormerly Birmingham Canal Navigation ice breaker, later fitted with Bolinder IC engine. Converted to steam by owner. (c1980-c1986 in Peter Downer’s narrow boat GRAND DUCHESS at Banbury). (Boiler formerly in SWAN).
Twin-cylinder single-acting Stuart (ex-locomotive) generating set, (previously owned by Alex Ritchie). Singe-cylinder overflow tank pump.
Broke ice in January 2001.
Data: Dec 05.
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