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Seawork Solidarity
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Owner: Seawork Ltd.. (non-member)
Area: River Medway (UK).
HULLPontoon floating crane-work barge
Built at Port Deposit, Maryland, U.S.A.
LOA: 150', Beam: 50', Draft: depth of hull 12', Displacement: 115 tonnes.
Wiley Whirley Ringer heavy lift crane. Former steam engines now powered by an onboard 600 cfm air compressor. Full accomodation for 8 crew.
ENGINECrane engine, horizontal twin cylinder, SV, non-reversing. Slewing engine, horiz, 8�" + 8�" x 10", PV, reversing. Duplex Worthington firepump, various other duplex pumps, and four seperate winches for secure 4 point anchoring system.
BOILERBuilt 1958.
Pressure: 150 psi.
Built in Germany, now used as air receiver.
HISTORYAcquired late 1989 from Gdansk, Poland, hence name. Previous owners unknown. In full commercial service.
Data: Reg7.
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