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Souvenir D'Antan
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Owner: R. Hart. (SBA member)
Area: Windermere (UK).
HULLSaloon launch
Built 1901 by A. Burgoine at Hampton Wick, Middx.
LOA: 45', LWL: 43', Beam: 7' 1", Draft: 2'.
Carvel wood
Black, aft saloon, wheel steering.
ENGINECompound, 4" + 8" x 5".
Built 1901 by A. Burgoine at Hampton Wick, Middx.
Valve(s): pv on HP, sv on LP, Gear: SLRG, Pumps: Hand fp, auxiliary duplex fp, injector, engine driven ap, Kcond, hotwell, Wkettle..
On 6 turned columns, 20 IHP.
BOILER2-drum WT.
Built 1978 by Wilson & Kyle Ltd. at Brentford.
Fuel: oil, Pressure: 250 psi, Heating Area: 150 sqft, Output: 750 lbs/hr.
Steam drum 7" dia x 39�" long, mud drum 6" dia x 40" long, casing 38" x 34", twin Lune Valley burners. Fitted 1980.
PROP3 blades, 24" x 36".
Shaft: 1�" SS.
HISTORYBuilt for Burgoine�s own fleet, named ATALANTA, used for coaching and tripping; later renamed HAMPTON.
Acquired by D. Kyle during 1930�s, used extensively on lower River Thames. Converted to motor drive 1950�s. Restored to steam 1980 with original engine. (During 1970�s engine in TUBBY CAT)
Acquired by Knight family August 1988 and used on River Medway.
Acquired by Ronnie Hart in 2004 and transferred to Lake Windermere.
Data: Nov 04.
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SBA memberUK

(Knight Family) 1990

(Brian Smith) Windermere 2004

Windermere 2006
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