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Vital Spark
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Owner: P. Tait. (SBA member)
Area: Nelson Lakes (New Zealand).
HULLOpen launch
Built 1986 by Steam & Electric Launch Co. at Wroxham.
Designed by Rupert Latham.
Model: Frolic 21
Fit-out 1986-88 by Regatta Yachts at Hebe Haven, Hong Kong.
LOA: 21', LWL: 19' 6", Beam: 5' 8", Draft: 1' 11".
White topsides, gold boot-top, blue undersides. Varnished teak deck and interior.
ENGINECompound, 2" + 4" x 3".
Built 1979 by Arthur D.Bailey.
Design: Stuart Turner, 6A.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG, Pumps: Ecc driven fp; Xhead driven ap; Buffalo injector; fwh; Kcond; Wkettle..
2 cbs & 2 tfc. Mech.lubricator. 400 rpm.
BOILERKingdon type VFT.
Built 1986 by Langley Engineering at Storrington.
Fuel: coal, Pressure: 125 psi, Grate: 1.4 sqft, Heating Area: 32 sqft.
No.1 size, 2' dia x 2' high, 121 tubes.
PROP3 blades, 16" x 25".
Shaft: 11/8" SS.
HISTORYBare hull and boiler shipped from England, hull completed by Regatta Yachts, Hong Kong, machinery installed by first owner, Myron Givets.
First steamed Feb 1988. Registered with Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club No.M7. June 1996 shipped to New Zealand.
Aquired by present owner 2000. Original Stuart Swan engine replaced 2003.
Data: Nov 04.
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SBA memberNew Zealand

(Peter Tait) 2004

(Richard Alves)
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