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Vital Spark III
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Owner: W. Larson. (non-member)
Area: Port Angeles, WA (USA).
HULLOpen launch
Built 1911.
LOA: 18', Beam: 5', Draft: 1' 10".
Carvel red cedar on oak ribs
Fibreglass sheathed, wheel steering. Canopy fitted 1997, lowers and fits over combing for trailing.
ENGINECompound, 1" + 3" x 2".
Built 1969.
No.29. Rocker arm driven air and feed pumps. Exhaust water heater, Kcondond., float controlled hotwell, 2 HP at 500 rpm. Built for owner.
BOILERBlackstaffe type 3-drum WT.
Fuel: propane, Pressure: 150 psi, Heating Area: 10 sqft.
Copper tubes.
PROP3 blades, RH, 12" x 18".
HISTORYBuilt in 1911 as power boat. A previous owner added cabin, fibreglassed hull. Previous owner, Don Thompson (Canada), removed cabin, extended cockpit forward, installed seating and plant and fitted out.
Aquired by Bill Larson 2002.
Data: Nov 04.
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(Don Thompson)
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