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Introduction - Edition 8

An illustrated technical register of steam vessels in the British Isles
plus steamboats owned by SBA members in other countries.

Published by
The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain.
All rights reserved.

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Welcome to the online edition of the SBA's Steamboat Register!

Edition Eight of the Steamboat Register was the first version of the Register to be distributed on CD-ROM. It was published in October 2004 and has been updated regularly since then. This online edition is the latest version.

The technical description of each vessel follows a similar format to that used in previous printed editions but the new media permits many more photographs of the boats and their machinery. The cross-reference is now included.

This edition is compiled by Bob Shearer but it includes much material from the previous paper edition which was compiled by Brian Hillsdon & Brian Smith. It is updated at 3 to 6 month intervals.

The database of boat descriptions is updated continuously so please submit amendments to your boat's information and new photographs whenever necessary.

The CD-ROM version is still available for those without fast internet connections or who prefer to work offline.