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Stalham Steam Day

  • 11 Jun 2017
  • Broads, Museum, Stalham Staithe, Norfolk, NR12 9DA

Stalham Staithe in Norfolk is the home of the Broads Museum, and their Steam Day includes steam cars and lorries as well as resident steam launch “Falcon” and others brought by their owners. There are also steam models on display as well as the usual museum exhibits.

There is normally no charge for attending with a steamboat, but please fill in the booking form to let the organisers know who is coming.

The event is on Sunday 11th June only, but mooring space at the Museum may be available by arrangement with the organisers on Saturday and Monday.

Boats attending the event must pay a toll the the Broads Authority, and will be eligible for a “Race Toll” of £5.05 per day for up to two days, beyond which a “Short Visit Toll” will be payable at a rate which scales with the boat’s block area (£30+) for 7 consecutive days. 

Public liability insurance of £2 million or over is required, and boats must have a current Boat Safety Scheme certificate.

There is no slipway at The Museum of the Broads, but Richardsons’ boatyard next door has one which can be used for £15 launch or retrieve. If you wish to launch there on Saturday, please call Richardsons’ first, because it is their hire-boat change-over day, and they could be very busy. Sunday is much less busy, and you can just turn up and ask to use the slipway.

Type 4 event – i.e. individual members’ participation in a 3rd party organised event.

Broads Museum Contact:

Telephone: 01692 581681

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