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Steamboating Sales & Wants

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.  The new temporary 'Small Ads Slave' is proposing that adverts will be posted up for approximately 1 month, i.e. updates will be made monthly.  Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place. The next Cull will be at the end of March.

If you would like to place a Small Ad here, please email the with the text and any photographs. We would prefer these unformatted (just the text you want and attached jpeg files please).  Please note that this is a service provided to members of the SBA. Long running adverts will be removed after 6 months unless otherwise requested. If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

A note with respect to Funnel Advertisements: Our Funnel Editor makes the following comments:- " 'small ads' - including ones for boats - have tailed off dramatically over the past three years simply because the website is a more effective instrument. I'm always happy to insert member's ads free of charge, of course, but they need to be sent explicitly to Funnel by those who are wishing to see their ads there. I always rework ads to make them fit and to ensure terminology etc. is correct. A well written ad with lots of pictures and, most importantly, a carefully considered price tag, will sell a boat in a a couple of weeks on the web, but inevitably there will be a delay if the price is not attractive. Funnel is a quarterly mag so there can be a lot of waiting around, and an ad given to me in, say mid November, would not be published until March 1st."   So, if you also want your advertisement in Funnel, then please send it (plain text and attached pictures) to

Adverts last modified: 14th March 2020




For Sale

SL Bitterling (Glyn Lancaster-Jones)


Recently refurbished 16ft 6in Glyn Lancaster Steam Launch on Bespoke Trailer

Lune Valley 2 drum water tube boiler for Coal or Wood, rated 120 psi and 1 1/2 square foot grate.

Double Acting twin cylinder Steam Engine producing 4 HP at 750 rpm driving a 3 Bladed Bronze Propeller and Belt driven Feed and Vacuum Pumps.  Complete with Anchors, Fenders, Boat Hook, Flags, etc.

The boat last had a boiler inspection in 2017 and has been dry stored ever since. It is anticipated that the boiler will be re-certified this year. The boat is located at New Milton between Lymington and Christchurch in Hanpshire.

For Sale £7,500

Contact  John Sharpe   Tel 01425615588


For Sale

SL Great Western


Open launch 'Great Western' is for sale. Great Western is an open launch with elegant lines, originally built in 1973, and now in newly restored condition. She is for sale because her owners have reocated, but Norman Barnett bought her in 2016. since when the hull has been professionally restored and much other work has brought the boat to the condition seen in the pictures.

Hull: The 19' 6" x 5' 6" hull is of strong, cold moulded type with attractive varnished upper works.

Engine: A classic four column single cylinder engine with slip eccentric reversing, built in 1988. The engine is of overhung crank type by the late David King. There is a crosshead driven feed pump.

Boiler: The V, boiler has been extensively rebuilt with new top and bottom tubeplates ancl firetubes. All necessary paperwork to support that is available and the boat has a current boiler certificate. She has a Windermere kettle and chime whistle.

Trailer: Substantial twin axle type.  

Price: Offers in the region of £12K

Call Norman Barnett 07932 653731

For Sale

Vintage Paddle Steamer



The paddle steamer “Tudor Vladimirescu” Is the oldest ship of its kind that is still operational, as well as the oldest steamer in the world The vessel is currently owned by Romanian River Shipping Company Navrom S.A . Galati, part of TTS Group


  • Built in 1854
  • 1850: DDSG (Donaudampfschiffe Gesellschaft) ordered the vessel to GanzDanubius Shipyard Budapest
  • 1854 – DDSG took delivery of “Croatia” paddle steamer tug
  • 1919: the Romanian Company “Navigatia Fluviala Romana” bought the tug and transformed it in a passenger ship, naming it “Sarmisegetuza”
  • 1923: The vessel’s name was changed to “Grigore Manu” , as a homage to the man who dedicated his life to the Romanian navigation services development
  • After World War II the name was changed to “Tudor Vladimirescu”, hero of the nation who led the revolution for Romanian’s independence against the Ottomans in 1821
  • 1954: Complete Revision in Orsova Shipyard. Superstructure and interior were modernized, while keeping the engines, paddles and hull
  • 2003: Hull repairs in Braila Shipyard, while Navrom carried on several works to the superstructure and other arrangements

  • WIDTH 14,40 METERS
  • CREW OF 8

Now reluctantly up for sale, lying in Romania (Danube). No reasonable offer refused and early inspection is invited by prior arrangement.

Please contact UK Agent Stuart Jupp via:

Contact: Stuart Jupp

Phone: 07771 904 049



Steam Launch - 'Dyad'


Following the death of John Trevelyan, this boat was generously bequeathed to the SBA, and was offered for sale via an eBay auction that took place for 10 days from 13th March 2020. Auction is now finished see []

The winning bid was £5,000


'Dyad' was a retirement project, built and fitted out to a high and exacting standard. If you are looking for a steam launch, with ample seating fore and aft, that can accommodate family and friends for a day out, then 'Dyad' is well worth considering. You will be getting a lot of boat and steam engineering.


An open launch with canopy. Construction: marine ply with 3 mm GRP skin in very good condition. Freshly painted.

Hull model: beefed up Ruby designed by Selway-Fisher at Melksham in 2000

Built 2010 by owner at Worcester

Fit out 2010 by owner at Worcester

LOA: 22' 0", LWL: 19' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 6", Displacement: 3300 lbs.

Transom stern. Double thickness bottom, double frames (12) 3 mm GRP skin, substantial laminated keel and keelson, welded steel frame bedded on to keel to support engine and boiler. Deck and interior all hardwood fit out seating, lockers etc. Sleeping area for one in bow area.


SBA VFT 102 Designed by David Beale,

Built 2015 by T.R.S. Boiler Makers at Burton on Trent

Fuel: Coal,

Pressure: 150 psi.

Specifications: 22" dia steel barrel. Steel tubes. Welded with rolled in fire tubes construction, non-condensing.

Equipment: engine driven pump, hand pump, steam feed pump, feed water heater, whistle, Stainless steam dryer/super heater in smoke hood

New boiler certificate.


Double acting twin . 2" + 2" X 4"

Built 2007 by John Trevelyan in Worcester

Design: twin high pressure

Slide valve. SLRG valve gear.

Power: 5 (est) HP

Aluminium cyl. block with cast iron liners C.I. sac. plates on valve faces. All wearing parts generously proportioned with 12 point pressurised pumped oil feed to all main bearings. Each cylinder has its own pump. Aluminium base plate. 2 ltr oil box.


Bronze, 3 blades, Left Hand, 16" X 30"

Shaft: 11/4" Stainless Steel

New and undamaged


Substantial custom-built, twin-axle braked trailer in good condition. New electric winch fitted.

Contact: Graeme Boyd-Moss

Phone: 0799 944 9173


For Sale

Paddle Steamer Walkin' Belle


The late David King, of Suffield, Norfolk, was a much respected and internationally known 'man of steam' whose distinctive products included launch boilers and sets of castings for single cylinder launch engines, complete 10.25" gauge steam locomotives, possibly more than one steam car and a number of interesting paddle launches.

He built at least two unique stern wheelers and this side wheel steamer, all with machinery inspired by traditional American practice. 'Walkin' Belle', built 1994-97, has a 'walking beam' engine fitted into an aluminium hull and was last steamed by current owner Howard Bentham in March 2015.

Hull: an ex-MoD 1950s riveted aluminium unit, 176" long, 66" beam. It has twin rudders, wheel steering and removable paddle boxes and paddles, which stow in the hull for towing.

Boiler: is a coal-fired, finned-drum horizontal boiler 10" diameter by 20" long. It runs at 80 psi. David

developed these finned boilers after many years of producing his well-known 'Newton Coil' type. They are effective steam raisers and he used one in his Austin 7-based steam car. 

Auxiliaries: There is an injector, a 10 watt steam generator and a steam kettle.

Engine:  a non-condensing double beam built to David King's own design and running at approx. 45 rpm.

Trailer etc.: She is on a 'Freewheel UK' twin axle galvanised trailer and is being sold with an extensive collection of tools specific to her engine, a log of every occasion when steamed, a full length canvas cover, life jackets etc.; and there are two old style video tapes of its construction.

The original owner reported that the cost of the engine alone was in excess of £20,000.

Howard says: "I acquired 'Walkin' Belle' from the Wallace - . - family. I recommissioned her and used her extensively on the River Weaver, until the launch site in Northwich closed".

"Since 2015 she has been laid up under cover with an electric heater in the firebox. She's not beautiful nor fast, but she is enormous fun, and unique. The engine, with its beams, connecting rods and shaft is a mechanical delight. I have greatly enjoyed owning and using 'Walkin' Belle', but now no longer have the time to give her the exercise and attention she deserves".

Price: Sensible Offers over £3,500 considered.

Contact: Howard Bentham. (Antrobus, Cheshire)

Telephone: 01606 891846

Email: howard.bentham©

For Sale

Steam Launch Ilse Louise


Ilse Louise was built in 1914 by “Nicolaas Witsen”, Alkmaar in the Netherlands.

Hull: Over all length 10.5 m., beam 2.2 m., draught 0.8m.

Seats can be converted in two beds, galley, wc. Restored to the original of 1914. 

Materials: Hull: steel, Salon: teak.

Chain steering, 3 blade bronze propeller 21”

Machinery: Triple expansion engine built in 2011. Cylinders: 76 + 122 + 200mm Stroke 102mm. Power: 15 hp at 450 rpm. and 14 bar. Stephenson link motion, 2 feed pumps and 1 air pump.

Chain steering, 3 blade bronze propeller 21” diameter.

Boiler: Vertical centre drum WT. built in 2011 contains nearly 40 litres of water. Working pressure: 14 bar, Heating area: 4.2 m2, Oil-fired with injector and handpump. Keel condenser and hot-well.

Price: € 45,000 (reduced price)

Contact: Tjaard Schudde Kampen/Netherlands

email address:




For Sale

Complete steam plant


The worst fear of any new steamboat owner is that the boiler they have just purchased immediately fails its hydraulic test. Hopefully my loss will be someone else’s gain!

The water drums on the yarrow boiler have some deep pitting, although I was advised they are good for another 10 years. However, during the hydraulic test, about half-a-dozen of the copper water tubes leaked where they are expanded into the steam and water drums. (The water tubes are in good condition). I have all the original tooling / jigs used to drill the water drums, and expand the water tubes into them. All the design paperwork for the boiler is complete, as are the records. A comprehensive set of illustrated operating instructions for the engine and boiler are also present.

Alas, I lack the skills and resources to rebuild the boiler. A new set of water tubes in copper / nickel alloy come to around £500. The new water drums will be <£200. The steam drum, end caps, bolts and pipework are all in very good condition. The boiler is currently with TRS welding. They are going to give me a price to rebuild the boiler and I will add that to this advert when I have it.

The engine and fittings are in very good condition and beautifully made. The engine turns over on around 7psi of compressed air. Everything is included in this sale; hot well, condenser etc. I will also sell the new owner as much coal, steam oil and water treatment as they want, at cost.


Yarrow type 3 drum WT.

Built 1991 by J. Murray.

Fuel: Coal

Pressure: 150 psi

Grate: 1.3 sqft

Output: 150 lbs/hr

Design: J Murray. Drums 6”, water tubes 0.5” dia. (complete design specs included)

W. kettle

Teak casing


Twin 2.25” + 2.25” x 3”

Built: 1991 by K. Hutchinson

Design: K. Hutchinson

RPM: 450

IHP: 5

Valve(s): SV

Gear: SLRG

Pumps: Ecc driven, hand

Keel condenser

Asking price: £4,850 (sorry no offers). I can deliver to England and Wales at cost. (when we’re allowed to!)

Contact Graeme on 07999449173, email:





For Sale

Timber for Gratings


American ash (white hardwood) ideal for making colour contrasting gratings for your launch. All the materials are air dried, planed and the sizes given are actual not nominal. NOTE: The completed grating is shown for illustration only. It is not included in the sale.

Framing – 2” X 1”

1 piece at 2.7m

Longitudinals – 1” X 1”

2 pieces at 3.0m

1 piece at 1.8m

Horizontals – 1” X 1/2”

2 piece at 3.3m

2 pieces at 3.0m

1 piece at 2.7m

1 piece at 2.5m

1 piece at 2.4m

1 piece at 2.0m

1 piece at 1.8m

Bonus inclusion – Mahogany type sawn timber (probably Sapele but I cannot find the spec). Very tough but with a lovely consistent colour.

1 1/2” X 1 1/8” - 1 piece at 4.2m

1 piece at 3.6m

1 1/8” X 7/16” - 1 piece at 2.9m

3 ¾ X 1 1/8” - 1 piece at 1.3m

The whole package for £80. Currently located in South Cheshire 1 mile from J17 on the M6.

Pete Cuthbert 01270 765 837


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