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Steamboating Sales & Wants

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published. 

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For Sale

Steamboat  Corra Linn  -  90% complete


Steamboat Corra Linn, 90% complete. 20' x 4'6" Cambrian design by Selway Fisher (the actual boat can be seen on the Selway Fisher website.) Strip plank construction, she has been kept under shelter for a number of years. New road trailer included.

Includes part-built Water Tube boiler designed by John King. This boiler is 50% complete.  Included will be a part-built Herreschoff steam engine (re-drawn from an 1885 design) which would be very difficult to get working so please be aware that the engine has no real value.

 All above for £4500.   Collection from Lanark. Phone John: 0778 9104 714 or Adrian: 0796 0207 817.

For Sale

Vintage Paddle Steamer



The paddle steamer “Tudor Vladimirescu” Is the oldest ship of its kind that is still operational, as well as the oldest steamer in the world The vessel is currently owned by Romanian River Shipping Company Navrom S.A . Galati, part of TTS Group


  • Built in 1854
  • 1850: DDSG (Donaudampfschiffe Gesellschaft) ordered the vessel to GanzDanubius Shipyard Budapest
  • 1854 – DDSG took delivery of “Croatia” paddle steamer tug
  • 1919: the Romanian Company “Navigatia Fluviala Romana” bought the tug and transformed it in a passenger ship, naming it “Sarmisegetuza”
  • 1923: The vessel’s name was changed to “Grigore Manu” , as a homage to the man who dedicated his life to the Romanian navigation services development
  • After World War II the name was changed to “Tudor Vladimirescu”, hero of the nation who led the revolution for Romanian’s independence against the Ottomans in 1821
  • 1954: Complete Revision in Orsova Shipyard. Superstructure and interior were modernized, while keeping the engines, paddles and hull
  • 2003: Hull repairs in Braila Shipyard, while Navrom carried on several works to the superstructure and other arrangements

  • WIDTH 14,40 METERS
  • CREW OF 8

Now reluctantly up for sale, lying in Romania (Danube). No reasonable offer refused and early inspection is invited by prior arrangement.

Please contact UK Agent Stuart Jupp via:

Contact: Stuart Jupp

Phone: 07771 904 049


For Sale

Steam Launch - 'Dyad'


Selling on behalf of John Trevelyan.

'Dyad' was a retirement project, built and fitted out to a high and exacting standard. If you are looking for a steam launch, with ample seating fore and aft, that can accommodate family and friends for a day out, then 'Dyad' is well worth considering. You will be getting a lot of boat and steam engineering for the asking price.


An open launch with canopy. Construction: marine ply with 3 mm GRP skin in very good condition. Freshly painted.

Hull model: beefed up Ruby designed by Selway-Fisher at Melksham in 2000

Built 2010 by owner at Worcester

Fit out 2010 by owner at Worcester

LOA: 22' 0", LWL: 19' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 6", Displacement: 3300 lbs.

Transom stern. Double thickness bottom, double frames (12) 3 mm GRP skin, substantial laminated keel and keelson, welded steel frame bedded on to keel to support engine and boiler. Deck and interior all hardwood fit out seating, lockers etc. Sleeping area for one in bow area.


SBA VFT 102 Designed by David Beale,

Built 2015 by T.R.S. Boiler Makers at Burton on Trent

Fuel: Coal,

Pressure: 150 psi.

Specifications: 22" dia steel barrel. Steel tubes. Welded with rolled in fire tubes construction, non-condensing.

Equipment: engine driven pump, hand pump, steam feed pump, feed water heater, whistle, Stainless steam dryer/super heater in smoke hood

New boiler certificate.


Double acting twin . 2" + 2" X 4"

Built 2007 by John Trevelyan in Worcester

Design: twin high pressure

Slide valve. SLRG valve gear.

Power: 5 (est) HP

Aluminium cyl. block with cast iron liners C.I. sac. plates on valve faces. All wearing parts generously proportioned with 12 point pressurised pumped oil feed to all main bearings. Each cylinder has its own pump. Aluminium base plate. 2 ltr oil box.


Bronze, 3 blades, Left Hand, 16" X 30"

Shaft: 11/4" Stainless Steel

New and undamaged


Substantial custom-built, twin-axle braked trailer in good condition. New electric winch fitted.

PRICE: £12,000

Contact: Graeme Boyd-Moss

Phone: 0799 944 9173


For Sale

Steam Launch - 'Cocotte'


If you have a normal sized garage or carport and a vehicle with a 50mm tow ball then here is a “ready to steam” launch for you.

During the past 11 years this 14’5” Gibbs & Thurston steam launch has been restored to it’s former glory.

She has SBA Services Ltd certificates for the boiler (pressure test valid until 2029 and steaming valid until June 2020) and a Boat Safety Certificate valid until May 23rd 2023. Currently she is fully insured for steaming and is eligible to take part in SBA events and rallies.

The sale includes all the kit you will need including a good quality Knott (German made) braked trailer with spare wheel and docking poles, a 10’ long extended draw bar (for launching and recovery), a boat hook, mooring lines, full set of fenders, a custom boat cover, an anchor with chain and warp, an emergency paddle (just in case!), up to date Boiler Log, spare sight glasses ‘o’ rings etc, a folder full of history including the original engine handbook, and even a tank full of propane gas (for quick, easy and clean starting) as well as a fuel tank full of paraffin ready to steam away.

Since restoration she has only been steamed for a few hours and de-ionised water with a 0.3% addition of Multitreat TC has always been used to ensure that the classic Anthony Bever copper boiler remains perfect inside.

Full specification may be viewed on the SBA’s Current Steam boat Register (See ‘Cocotte’.) Cocotte may be seen steaming in Gloucestershire near to Stroud. This is a great and rare opportunity to enter the Steam boat World immediately with a launch that is fully ready to use complete with all the kit.

£6,500 to a suitable owner.

Contact: Jon Whyte

Phone: 0781 561 0166


For Sale

Steam Narrowboat - 'Confidence'


New boat built by present owner with no expense spared. Keel laid 2014, now afloat at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. 65ft long with aft engine/boiler room.

Forward accommodation not yet fully fitted out so can be completed to new owners own specification.

Coal fired boiler by Steamwell Boilers of Chew Stoke – new ‘ticket’ issued June 2019.Electric and engine driven feed pumps. Inboard condenser.

Engine: totally enclosed single cylinder with full ‘bridge’ control, large flywheel, hydraulic 2:1 reduction/reversing to prop, forced lubrication system.

Electric Bow and Stern Thrusters fitted along with large battery capacity and solar or shore charging (Victron system – the best!)

Powerful Bow and Stern Winches plus anchor.

BMW auxiliary power plant in foc’sle.

Vyair Water maker (Reverse Osmosis).

Reluctantly being sold due to present owners other projects, costs to date in excess of £94k – open to offers!

Please contact Frank Huxley 07971 809981 or for more information or to arrange viewing..

For Sale

Steam Boat Saloon Launch - Sirrus


Steamboat / Saloon Screw Steamer DS SIRIUS

Reasons of age within our owners community are the cause of the decision to sell our steamboat after 15 years of operation with us, our treasure which is unique in Switzerland.

In operation from April to October, during winter under roof of a shipyard.

The steamer can be viewed in operation (from May 2019) by persons seriously interested at the home port in Murten Switzerland.

Price by agreement. Take-over inclusive introduction / training possible from October 2019 or based on agreement.

Dimensions: 37 x 9,18 x 3,2 feet, 11 tons

Hull: riveted iron, built 1908, Hamburg

Superstructure: Steel and wood, furnished very nicely , pantry and toilet

Steam engine: Two cylinder twin compound, built 1895 by Denison & Simpson GB

Boiler: Water tube type „Yarrow“, built 2015/16, firing with wood briquettes (CO2-neutral)

Authorization: 15 persons (can be reduced to 12 for license cat. A CH)

Further details regarding the boat see website:

Contact: ,

Telephone: 0041 (0)26 670 03 03

For Sale

Paddle Steamer Walkin' Belle


The late David King, of Suffield, Norfolk, was a much respected and internationally known 'man of steam' whose distinctive products included launch boilers and sets of castings for single cylinder launch engines, complete 10.25" gauge steam locomotives, possibly more than one steam car and a number of interesting paddle launches.

He built at least two unique stern wheelers and this side wheel steamer, all with machinery inspired by traditional American practice. 'Walkin' Belle', built 1994-97, has a 'walking beam' engine fitted into an aluminium hull and was last steamed by current owner Howard Bentham in March 2015.

Hull: an ex-MoD 1950s riveted aluminium unit, 176" long, 66" beam. It has twin rudders, wheel steering and removable paddle boxes and paddles, which stow in the hull for towing.

Boiler: is a coal-fired, finned-drum horizontal boiler 10" diameter by 20" long. It runs at 80 psi. David

developed these finned boilers after many years of producing his well-known 'Newton Coil' type. They are effective steam raisers and he used one in his Austin 7-based steam car. 

Auxiliaries: There is an injector, a 10 watt steam generator and a steam kettle.

Engine:  a non-condensing double beam built to David King's own design and running at approx. 45 rpm.

Trailer etc.: She is on a 'Freewheel UK' twin axle galvanised trailer and is being sold with an extensive collection of tools specific to her engine, a log of every occasion when steamed, a full length canvas cover, life jackets etc.; and there are two old style video tapes of its construction.

The original owner reported that the cost of the engine alone was in excess of £20,000.

Howard says: "I acquired 'Walkin' Belle' from the Wallace - . - family. I recommissioned her and used her extensively on the River Weaver, until the launch site in Northwich closed".

"Since 2015 she has been laid up under cover with an electric heater in the firebox. She's not beautiful nor fast, but she is enormous fun, and unique. The engine, with its beams, connecting rods and shaft is a mechanical delight. I have greatly enjoyed owning and using 'Walkin' Belle', but now no longer have the time to give her the exercise and attention she deserves".

Price: Offers based on £5, 000.

Contact: Howard Bentham. (Antrobus, Cheshire)

Telephone: 01606 891846

Email: howard.bentham©

For Sale

Selway Fisher Snow Bunting Hull 


Professionally built, new and unlaunched.  Selway Fisher Design 25ft 6” Steam boat hull. With internal bulkheads but no superstructure. Requires finishing inside.

Selway Fisher ‘Snow Bunting’ plans, modified to have a beam of 6’ 10” (narrow boat canal max.) which would give more room and the stability required for use in estuary and coastal situations.


Construction:   The hull is of strip plank construction using cove moulded Douglas Fir. The stem is laminated Douglas Fir, the Hog, bilge stringers and bilge keels are Douglas fir. The transom and Rudder are marine ply and Douglas Fir. The floors and bulkheads are marine ply.  The hull is glassed outside and inside and the iroko boiler and engine beds bonded and through bolted in place. Stern tube fitted.

Price: Any sensible offer considered

Contact: David Duncan, Viewing by arrangement.

Tel: daytime 01626 324327 evenings 0180 386 2217


For Sale

Steam Narrow Boat Trevor for Sale


Steam Narrow Boat ‘Trevor’ is sadly for sale again following the death of the owner.

Engine is a 4” by 4” Sissons single driving through gearbox for ahead and astern

Boiler: Two drum by Kew Bridge, oil fired

Length: approx 45 feet.

Phil Martino is acting on behalf of the Owner's widow, and will post more details of Trevor hopefully around the 20th Sept 2018 after he has visited the boat. A boiler test is being currently arranged, as the certificate has recently expired.

Enquiries in the first instance to me: Phil Martino - address etc in the Register.

Price: circa £25,000

Contact: Phil Martino 

Tel: see Member's Directory



For Sale

Paddle Steamer Monarch (updated price)


Paddle Steamer Monarch is for Sale

A unique opportunity to acquire one of the only three working Paddle Steamers in Britain. 

Monarch has a 42ft steel hull, fitted with a wooden saloon and wheel house.

Power Plant: She is powered by an inclined condensing compound engine supplied with steam from an oil fired scotch dry-back boiler. 

Licensed for 12 passengers she has been successfully operating river trips on the Frome and into Poole Harbour in Dorset.

Price: £55,000 ONO

Also available: a 30ft licensed open steam launch.

Contact: Enquiries to Wareham Steam Navigation Co. Ltd

Tel: 01929 556031

Mobile: 07899 024250


For Sale

Steam Launch Ilse Louise


Ilse Louise was built in 1914 by “Nicolaas Witsen”, Alkmaar in the Netherlands.

Hull: Over all length 10.5 m., beam 2.2 m., draught 0.8m.

Seats can be converted in two beds, galley, wc. Restored to the original of 1914. 

Materials: Hull: steel, Salon: teak.

Chain steering, 3 blade bronze propeller 21”

Machinery: Triple expansion engine built in 2011. Cylinders: 76 + 122 + 200mm Stroke 102mm. Power: 15 hp at 450 rpm. and 14 bar. Stephenson link motion, 2 feed pumps and 1 air pump.

Chain steering, 3 blade bronze propeller 21” diameter.

Boiler: Vertical centre drum WT. built in 2011 contains nearly 40 litres of water. Working pressure: 14 bar, Heating area: 4.2 m2, Oil-fired with injector and handpump. Keel condenser and hot-well.

Price: on request.

Contact: Tjaard Schudde Kampen/Netherlands

email address:

For Sale

Steam Launch Theodoor - new price!


Netherlands based SBA member Pieter Brittijn is well known in SBA circles in the UK from his frequent visits together with his beautifully built launch 'Theodoor': but he wrote in January to advise that 'It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to sell my steam launch.'

Hull: LOA: 22’, Beam 6’ 6”, Draft 3’. Designed by Paul Fisher from Melksham. (model 'IJssel') The design features high freeboard and great stability making her perfect for choppy conditions. Construction is Red cedar strip-planked in epoxy/glass, on oak framing, teak deck and mahogany coamings. Built between 2007 – 2011 by owner to high specifications.

Boiler: Vertical fire-tube VFT 103 from the SBA library Oak cladding, complete with all fittings and licensed by Lloyds Register till 31.12.2019, and she has a stainless steel 'wet' ash pan and a Windermere kettle. Boiler feed by engine driven hypro pump (main) plus injector and hand pump

Engine: A classic double acting twin 3 ¼ X 3 ¼ built in the late 1800’s and completely overhauled in 2010. Steam and mechanical lubrication by multi pumps. The plant is condensing (keel condenser) and there is a feed water heater, oil filter and engine driven air pump.

Propeller: Three blade bronze right hand 20’x 30’' Stainless steel prop shaft 1 ¼ inch, homokinetic clutch and axial bearing. 

Cover: Custom made winter and summer cover.

Trailer: Twin axle galvanised trailer custom adapted for the hull (licensed in The Netherlands) 

The sale includes all the above, plus ropes, fenders, anchor, flag staffs as well as two boxes of assorted steam paraphernalia. The launch, its hull, boiler and engine as well as all the additional items, are in excellent condition.

Asking price: 25,000 Euro ono.  

For more information please contact: Pieter Brittijn Tel: 0031 24 3582773. E-mail:

For Sale

Steam Launch Amaryllis II


'Amaryllis II' was conceived with the enthusiastic help of eminent engineer, Alex Ritchie. One of the aims was to prove his development of a 25 hp triple expansion engine based on LIFU’s two cylinder 30 hp compound, and the photo in the LIFU catalogue of a 100 hp triple.

Year of Build 1995 - commissioned 2002 30ft LOA x 6ft 6” beam 3ft 6” draft / 6ft 6” air draft Weight 4.25 tons (Feed Water capacity 113 ltrs / Fuel 100 ltrs)

STEAM PLANT: Her 25hp LIFU type triple expansion engine is 3 3/8”+5 ½”+7 7/8”x 5 ½” and her three-drum water tube boiler generates approx. 900lbs steam per hour, while the 240 volt NuWay oil burner is automatically pressure regulated to maintain 265-275 psi.. 

This is powered by 2x225 Ah. gel batteries supplemented, if required, by an alternator driven off a layshaft which also drives a three cylinder boiler feed pump. The batteries are maintained by a Victron monitor. 

A 27”x40” propeller, designed specifically for her by Bruntons, using an Aquadrive flexible coupling and thrust block, gives her 6 knots at 200 rpm with a 23” vacuum, burning about 4 l/hr. Her maximum speed has been measured at 7 knots at 375rpm. 

'Amaryllis II' has a comprehensive set of gauges: boiler, HP, MP, LP, Vac, Feed and matching rev counter (by Alex Ritchie). Boiler feed-water passes through a four-stage filter system in the 12 gallon hot-well. She comes with a six-wheeled, 5 tonne capacity galvanised road trailer, tailor-made specifically for her by RM Trailers, and the sale will include a full set of spare boiler tubes and other items.

HULL: Drawn by Paul Fisher after a Dixon Kemp design and built to a very high standard by with copper and silicon bronze fastenings, and finished with teak decking, joinery and saloon. She has outside seating for eight guests in comfort in forward and aft cockpits while the saloon provides additional seating for four people around the table. 'Amaryllis II' is quiet, economical and remarkably manoeuvrable.

Enquiries with sensible offers are invited for Amaryllis II Contact William Fuller: 01502 722657




For Sale

Compound Steam Engine 5" + 3" x 5"



Compound Steam Engine 5  + 3 x 5 inch stroke. Built circa 1980.

Originally installed in Cutter 438 a 23 foot Naval Cutter renamed Mischief in the SBA Register. Engine was built by David Curwen of Devises from components originating in New Zealand.

This is a substantial Compound engine rated 10-12HP for a larger boat, on 8  columns, fitted with Stephenson link reversing, eccentric powered boiler feed pump and cross head connected air pump. 

It is fitted with a lubrication system, which needs some attention. The frame is tanked underneath to form a save all.

The engine is in generally good condition, but would benefit from a light refurb, hence the reasonable price of £2000 buyer to arrange collection.

Engine is at Bourne End in Buckinghamshire SL8 5HR please contact Andy Hopper on 01628 526499 or 07803 080301. 

Or e.mail:    for more information.



For Sale

Steam Engine   McKie & Baxter



STEAM ENGINE  McKie & Baxter 4" x 5" with SLRG valve gear. 

This is a heavy engine and was once a ship's circulating engine. Intended conversion was for a canal boat. Includes the original eccentric for single direction operation. Sale includes the original M&B catalogue of c1910 which shows the engine. Price £600. Collection from Lanark.  

Phone John: 0778 9104 714 or Adrian: 0796 0207 817

For Sale

Boiler and engine



All you need for your next steam boat!

Tested but unsteamed boiler: £3,500

BOILER: SBAS approved design 20 inch dia VFT boiler (pressure vessel only), hydraulically tested (with certification). Built by TRS Boilermakers and dry stored at works.

Also available:

ENGINE: Twin high pressure, 2x2+2" with SLRG. Aluminium head and base with sac.C.I. cylinder liners and valve faces (i.e. very hard wearing!). This engine has a full 15-point pressure lube system to the cylinders, main bearings etc. and is strongly built for a long life. It has been run on compressed air only.

Weir-type steam boiler feed pump and some gauges.

Good, sensible offer on engine will secure.

Contact: John Trevelyan 01905 831756 (Callow End, Worcs)

For Sale

Engine & Boiler from SNB Radnor



Potential buyers are sought for engine room equipment of SNB Radnor (56’ canal narrow boat). 

Equipment includes:

  • Single cylinder Holmes Engine (Bore approx 5” diameter, stoke 6”) Stephenson’s reversing gear, engine displacement pump for boiler supply. 
  • Boiler 26” dia Terry Statham welded coal fired SBA design VFT (height extended) with 5 years ticket (full documentation new construction original hydraulic test January 2013@ 280 psi), last inspection February 2018, stainless steel grate & chimney, all valves, fittings and gauges. 
  • Injector, Hypro pressure washer pump for boiler supply , displacement main steam lubricator, steam/water condensate sensor, pressure reducing valve , hot well, bunker, vacuum ejector. 
  • Plus Stuart 5A engine and auxiliary boiler feed pump etc. 
Prefer to sell as a complete set.

Equipment available late 2018 , working inspection invited by serious interested parties. 

Price negotiable but only sensible offers will be considered.

Contact: Sam Leese + 44 (0)7739 625265

For Sale

Single Cylinder Launch Engine


Single cylinder launch engine, classic hammer frame of late Victorian/early Edwardian vintage.

Approx bore 2.5" x 2.5" stroke, 22" overall height, and weight around 80lbs. 7" dia spoked flywheel and Stephenson's link RV, plus a Stuart Turner feed pump.

All in working order (compressor tested), and condition is as removed from a small launch.

Price: £1,500.

Collection required from either Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire or Dereham, Norfolk.

Contact: Lindsay Lloyd Tel: 07531 129682



For Sale




BRIDGEPORT MILLING MACHINE. 3 phase. Includes Rotary table and machine vice.  (Heidenhain DRO fitted.)

Price £1000Collection from Lanark.  

Phone   John: 0778 9104 714 or Adrian: 0796 0207 817.

For Sale




COLCHESTER TRIUMPH lathe. Long  bed. 3 phase.   Price £1000.   Collection from Lanark. 

Phone   John: 0778 9104 714 or Adrian: 0796 0207 817.

For Sale




Eight propellers for sale, preferably as a job lot.

Three blade in bronze:- 10 x 19 inch LH, 10 x 19 inch RH, 14 x 14 inch LH, 10 x 8 inch LH.

Two blade in bronze:- 18 x 12 inch RH.

Three blade in aluminium:- 9 x ? (course, for inboard petrol engine), also three blade aluminium 10.5 and 10 inch outboard props, both course.

Contact: Nigel Gourley 01189 693720

For Sale

Two books


Two Books.
1. Steamboats and Modern Steam Launches edited by Bill Durham (A reproduction of a Major Publication in 1961-1963)
2. The Steam Launch by Richard M Mitchell.
Buyer collects or pays postage/packing. £30 for both
Ex-SBA member, ( SL Esteem)  Everett Leeds, Reigate, Surrey.


A Left Hand Propeller Needed 


Wanted a 12” left-handed propeller. 10 / 11 / 12” pitch considered.

Contact: Paul Jaye

Phone: 01327 811181 or 07836 225582


For Sale

Selway Fisher Ijssel Building Jig


Boat Building Jigs For Sale.

Jigs for building the Selway Fisher 'Ijssel' design.

Advertised previously, but did not sell. The formers could be trimmed down to re-use for a smaller boat?? Someone might even want to use them as fuel!

I bought these second hand with a view to building a boat to carry my 'Leak', but still haven't found the time and cash - now looking for a suitable hull to convert instead.

Jigs are located in Worcestershire.

Buyer to collect please.

Price: Offers

Contact: Colin for more details.

Phone: 01995 611617


For Sale

12" Vertical Steam Pump


12 Inch Vertical Southworth Steam Pump.

A brand new example, built by experienced model engineer, of a steam powered Weir type boiler feed pump.

Built from a kit of parts produced by Southworth Pumps, all gunmetal and stainless steel construction, with either silicone or viton "O" rings.

This pump makes keeping water in the boiler a pleasure. Always able to put water into the boiler, so long as you have steam. Great while waiting at locks.

Comes complete with a single mono block drain cock, which clears steam cylinders and steam chest of condensation by use of a single lever.

Pump has an accompanying video showing pumping water on compressed air.

Price: £900 plus carriage, or collection by arrangement.

Contact: Andy Hopper for more details.

Phone: 01628 526499 or 07803 080301

email: andrew.hopper2304@gmail .com

For Sale

Propeller R/H 24" x ~36" 


1.5" shaft, standard taper, boss 4" long. Good condition, suit 15 hp engine.

Price: £250

Contact: Sean Neill, Warickshire


For Sale

HRM Supplies Stock Clearance and Business Sale


Hugh Mothersole advises that he is clearing his remaining stock of HRM Supplies.

Shortly to be available are Steam boat fittings, hydrostatic lubricators, engines and pumps, together with the model engineering business, Stuart Turner and Don Young and more, tooling and books.

Please email for lists as they become available

For Sale

Mahogany Boat Building Timber


Mahogany for boat building available:

Following my building of the Launch 'Symphony' I have quite a lot of Mahogany left, and taking up space needed for the ever increasing size of the new LMS 'Duchess' locomotive currently in build!

The following stock for sale: 3" x 5" section Brazilian Mahogany 3 off @ 81" long, 1 off @ 101" long and 2 off @ 44" long.

There are further quantities of identical material in other sections, viz, 10" x 7/8" etc..

Contact: Alan Howarth 01772 336346 for prices and details


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