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Steamboating Sales & Wants

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place.  During the Covid 19 pandemic adverts will not be culled monthly since it is unlikely that the market for steamboating items will be very active.  However, please continue to send in your adverts and they will be posted.  If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

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A note with respect to Funnel Advertisements: Our Funnel Editor makes the following comments:- " 'small ads' - including ones for boats - have tailed off dramatically over the past three years simply because the website is a more effective instrument. I'm always happy to insert member's ads free of charge, of course, but they need to be sent explicitly to Funnel by those who are wishing to see their ads there. I always rework ads to make them fit and to ensure terminology etc. is correct. A well written ad with lots of pictures and, most importantly, a carefully considered price tag, will sell a boat in a a couple of weeks on the web, but inevitably there will be a delay if the price is not attractive. Funnel is a quarterly mag so there can be a lot of waiting around, and an ad given to me in, say mid November, would not be published until March 1st."   So, if you also want your advertisement in Funnel, then please send it (plain text and attached pictures) to

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For Sale

 26ft Launch Ruby


LOA 26ft, Beam 6ft 4”. Sheis a partially fitted outhull just waiting for Steam plant /Electric/or Diesel. The trailer is new only been used a few times.

Although I cannot drive her I can put her into the water for inspection at Newhaven Harbour.

Price of boat and trailer £8000.00

Michael Early

Telephone 01323 899297


20' - 25' Gas fired GRP Steam Launch in working order


I am looking for a gas fired steam boat in perfect working condition. 20’ -25’. GRP hull preferred.


For Sale

Steam Launch - Smut


The steam boat called SMUT is for sale.

Based on a GRP dinghy hull that was built in about 1960.

LOA: 11' 0", LWL: 10' 6", Beam: 4' 6",

Draft: 2' 0", Transom stern.

Fitted out as a steam launch in 1997 with a Stuart Turner Cygnet engine.

The boat has been fitted with new boiler has had a complete restoration.

There is a new hydraulic certificate and steam test been carried out.

Price: £6.500 

Contact Steve Dakin for details. 

Mob: 07919621199

For Sale

Windermere Steam Launch - Merganser


Built by boatbuilder Ian Cooper of
Windermere in 1981 for the English
Canal Historian Edward Paget-Tomlinson,
and fitted with machinery by Roger
Mallinson of Windermere (well known in
UK steamboating for his fine workmanship).

Hull 18' by 5'3" beam, clinker construction
in Columbian pine on oak with cedar seats
and transom.

Engine and Boiler (no longer fit for service
due to corrosion of steam drum) built and

installed by Roger Mallinson of Windermere, 1981. 

3-Drum coal-fired Blackstaffe-type water-tube boiler,

working pressure 120psi.

Stuart "Swan" engine (two cylinders 2 1/4" bore by 2" stroke") with enlarged bearings and geared-down feed pump.
Propeller 16" diameter by 20" pitch by Roger Mallinson, narrow-bladed steam type, 16" diameter by 20" pitch.
Merganser Runs non-condensing taking water from river/lake through feed filters and is fitted with an exhaust feed heater/silencer &
hand feed pump.

With fitted cover and 4-wheel trailer (needing service)

Price: £7,500

Peter Turvey

Tel 07528 628953  E

For Sale

SL Arieees 5


It is with great sadness that the family of Bob McMillan have reluctantly taken the decision to sell Open Launch ‘Arieees 5’.

Originally launched in 1985 as Aries 5, an 18’ open launch using a ‘Frolic’ 18 class GRP hull, moulded in 1982 by Steam & Electric Launch Co. Wroxham.

LWL 16’; (in 1982)

beam 4’9”;

draught 2’;

straight stem, counter stern;

white with varnished deck and interior;

tiller steering

working pressure 120lbs / sq”

The Engine was built by Bob and John Carter, using castings from Phil Gibbons that were intended for an engine with Stevenson’s valve gear designed by CH Taylor. It is a compound with 2 cylinders 2 ¼” + 3 5/8“ x 2 ½” stroke; balanced slide valves. Hackworth gear, on 6 turned columns. Gear-driven 3:1 reduction. Scotch crank fuel pump. High pressure cross-head driven Edwards air pump, Keel condenser, 560 rpm max.

1994 Decision to improve performance and stability and to allow two people to camp aboard. Hull cut in half and a 6’ section added in the middle two more ee’s added to the name. Re-launched 1995 as ARIEEES 5.

A new pressure vessel was purchased in 1993/4 from Historic Steam Ltd (Kew Bridge Steam Museum). Built under supervision of the designer, subjected to hydraulic test on assembly prior to acceptance by Bob. Put into service in new stainless steel casing in 1997. Side wheel steering was installed to enable single handed boating.

Last boiler inspection June 2011. The boat was mothballed in 2012 when Bob’s Alzheimer’s meant he could no longer enjoy boating safely. The engine and boiler have been stored in his workshop in the house and the hull has been well protected from the weather.

If you are interested please let us know if you would like to see it fully assembled. We are looking for offers in the region of £10,000. Contact

For Sale

Steam Narrow boat - 'Confidence'


New boat built by present owner with no expense spared. Keel laid 2014, now afloat at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. 65ft long with aft engine/boiler room.

Forward accommodation not yet fully fitted out so can be completed to new owners own specification.

Coal fired boiler by Steamwell Boilers of Chew Stoke – new ‘ticket’ issued June 2019. Electric and engine driven feed pumps. Inboard condenser.

Engine: totally enclosed single cylinder with full ‘bridge’ control, large flywheel, hydraulic 2:1 reduction/reversing to prop, forced lubrication system.

Electric Bow and Stern Thrusters fitted along with large battery capacity and solar or shore charging (Victron system – the best!)

Powerful Bow and Stern Winches plus anchor. BMW auxiliary power plant in foc’sle.

Vyair Water maker (Reverse Osmosis).

Reluctantly being sold due to present owners other projects, costs to date in excess of £94k – open to offers!

Please contact Frank Huxley 07487647717 or for more information or to arrange viewing..

For Sale

Paddle Steamer Walkin' Belle


The late David King, of Suffield, Norfolk, was a much respected and internationally known 'man of steam' whose distinctive products included launch boilers and sets of castings for single cylinder launch engines, complete 10.25" gauge steam locomotives, possibly more than one steam car and a number of interesting paddle launches.

He built at least two unique stern wheelers and this side wheel steamer, all with machinery inspired by traditional American practice. 'Walkin' Belle', built 1994-97, has a 'walking beam' engine fitted into an aluminium hull and was last steamed by current owner Howard Bentham in March 2015.

Hull: an ex-MoD 1950s riveted aluminium unit, 176" long, 66" beam. It has twin rudders, wheel steering and removable paddle boxes and paddles, which stow in the hull for towing.

Boiler: is a coal-fired, finned-drum horizontal boiler 10" diameter by 20" long. It runs at 80 psi. David

developed these finned boilers after many years of producing his well-known 'Newton Coil' type. They are effective steam raisers and he used one in his Austin 7-based steam car. 

Auxiliaries: There is an injector, a 10 watt steam generator and a steam kettle.

Engine: Non-condensing double beam built to David King's own design and running at approx. 45 rpm.

Trailer etc.: She is on a 'Freewheel UK' twin axle galvanised trailer and is being sold with an extensive collection of tools specific to her engine, a log of every occasion when steamed, a full length canvas cover, life jackets etc.; and there are two old style video tapes of its construction.

The original owner reported that the cost of the engine alone was in excess of £20,000.

Howard says: "I acquired 'Walkin' Belle' from the Wallace - . - family. I recommissioned her and used her extensively on the River Weaver, until the launch site in Northwich closed".

"Since 2015 she has been laid up under cover with an electric heater in the firebox. She's not beautiful nor fast, but she is enormous fun, and unique. The engine, with its beams, connecting rods and shaft is a mechanical delight. I have greatly enjoyed owning and using 'Walkin' Belle', but now no longer have the time to give her the exercise and attention she deserves".

Price: Sensible Offers over £3,500 considered.

Contact: Howard Bentham. (Antrobus, Cheshire)

Telephone: 01606 891846

Email: howard.bentham©





Boiler Suitable for 16' Boat


I have recently purchased my first steam boat project and am looking for a boiler, suitable for coal firing and preferably a VFT (although others considered) to drive a Taylor single engine (2.5" x 2.5" cylinder) in a 16' boat.

Before I dive in and start building a boiler, I thought it just worth asking on here as you never know what people have tucked away!

Not entirely sure what I'm after as there is still some freedom in the boat to move things about, but if you've anything that sounds like it may be of use please get in touch to discuss!


For Sale

Triple Expansion Engine


Triple expansion engine.  Length 20 inches, height 17 inches, width 10 inches.  

Cylinder bores approx. 1, 1.5, and 2 by 3.5 stroke.  

It's a one-off, I think, but it's well made and runs well on air.

Do contact me if you'd like to know more.  

Robin Slatter

My email is:

Price £1,950

For Sale

Four Cylinder Launch Engine (Under construction)


Bob McMillan’s partially built engine designed by Trefor Milns is for sale. He and Trefor were both building them at the same time.

We have all the casting patterns, the drawings etc. Bob had intended this engine to power his 'next boat' which was supposed to be about 36' long.

The engine is a 4 cylinder triple expansion and has already had a substantial amount of work done to it. Rough dimensions are L 100cm, W 50cm, H 75cm.

All sensible offer will be considered.

Sue Stefanik <>

For Sale (Price Reduction!)

Elliot Bay Triple Castings


Set of largely unmachined castings to make an Elliott Bay triple expansion engine.

This consists of approximately 80% of the full set as supplied by Elliott bay and includes a FULLY MACHINED cylinder block including fitted piston valve liners.

The bed plate (unmachined) is the six bearing type with provision for the Bill Lowe slow speed pumps (castings included).

Also included are E.B. drawings. I have made two of these engines, see Whippet & Willamette in the register. 

Interested parties can phone or e-mail for a full list of what I have,  I would be willing to ship UK by pallet at cost.

J Maltby 01768352025

For Sale

Some Engine or other


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For Sale

Another Engine


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For Sale

Budenberg Vacuum Gauges


Pair of Budenberg Vacuum Gauges for sale.

They are 6” in diameter with a brass collar.

£90 the pair mounted as shown, plus delivery costs.

Call 07900 408972 if interested.

Andrew Fennell

For Sale

Misc Stuff


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For Sale

Misc Stuff


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For Sale

Misc Stuff


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