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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place.  During the Covid 19 pandemic adverts will not be culled monthly since it is unlikely that the market for steamboating items will be very active.  However, please continue to send in your adverts and they will be posted.  If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

Boat adverts last modified 15th November 2021

For Sale

Windermere Steam Launch - Merganser

15th November  21

Built by boatbuilder Ian Cooper of Windermere in 1981 for the English Canal Historian Edward Paget-Tomlinson, and fitted with machinery by Roger Mallinson of Windermere (well known in UK steamboating for his fine workmanship).

Hull 18' by 5'3" beam, clinker construction in Columbian pine on oak with cedar seats and transom.

Engine and Boiler (no longer fit for service
due to corrosion of steam drum) built and
installed by Roger Mallinson of Windermere, 1981. 

Stuart "Swan" engine (two cylinders 2 1/4" bore by 2" stroke") with enlarged bearings and geared-down feed pump.

Propeller 16" diameter by 20" pitch by Roger Mallinson, narrow-bladed steam type, 16" diameter by 20" pitch.

3-Drum coal-fired Blackstaffe-type water-tube boiler,working pressure 120psi.

Merganser Runs non-condensing taking water from river/lake through feed filters and is fitted with an exhaust feed heater/silencer &  hand feed pump.   With fitted cover and 4-wheel trailer (needing service)

Price: £4,000

Peter Turvey

Tel: 07528 628953 

Email: peter at peterturvey dot com

For Sale

20ft classic clinker steam launch ripe for restoration

12th November 2021

We have been contacted by the son and daughter of Giles Every, a former SBA member who died many years ago. In clearing their former family home they have a need to sell ‘Amoret’ their father’s 20’ steam launch, which was placed in store there in 1985, shortly after his death.

Amoret’ is a true ‘sleeper’, untouched for 35 years and locked inside a shed the climate of which seems to have kept her timbers in reasonable shape. It’s clear that a good steam clean would reveal an interesting and attractive classic clinker launch ripe for restoration with much salvable from her steam plant.

The hull was built for Mr Every by Thames boatbuilder, Peter Freebody, in 1979 to a high standard.

Her fully condensing steam plant consists of a Stuart Turner 6A compound and a large mahogany lagged VFT built by J O Lugg of Billingshurst. There are all the usual accoutrements including a sizeable Windermere kettle and a wealth of appropriate non-ferrous steam and other fittings including a large displacement lubricator and impressive copper hotwell.

George believes the steel boiler was possibly put away un-drained so its internal condition can’t be vouched for, but engine and fittings look potentially sound. The boat is not thought to have run for many hours, but older members may have more information.

The hull has very attractive classic lines and ‘Amoret’ promises to become, once again, a very attractive steam launch.

Please note that there is no trailer, so any prospective purchaser will need to have access to a means of collection from the Henley area.

Sensible offers are invited. Please contact George on:

agevery at me dot com

For Sale

29’ 6” classic steam canoe

8th November 2021

The SBA’s Mike Bell, with great regret, needs to sell his 1921-built 29’ 6” steam canoe

When we talk about a ‘canoe’ in the context of ‘Céomé, we should visualise an extremely elegant steam launch of very fine lines, a vision in mahogany varnished with no fewer than ten coasts of tung oil, built in the classical canoe style found on English lakes and the river Thames in the first thirty years of the 20thCentury. She is registered with the Thames Vintage Boat Club.

Céomé is very nearly complete, and her purchaser will receive the fully restored and finished canoe-style hull, a substantial brand-new steam plant consisting of a loco-type coal fired boiler with side firing and a purpose built triple expansion engine on a new trailer.

The hull restoration has been completed to a very high professional standard and this serious dream boat only awaits detail completion and commissioning.

HULL: Built 1921 by Hobbs & Son at Henley-on-Thames. LOA: 29' 6", Beam: 4' 6", Draft: 2' 6". Double-skin mahogany, canoe bow and stern and extensively varnished. She has a varnished boiler housing and a removable engine lantern as well as a canvas canopy with side curtain. She seats eight, and. as it has to be with a large canoe, steering is by wheel.

There is no canvas boat cover provided as Ceome has always lived in a dry shed.

ENGINE: Triple expansion 2½" + 3½" + 5" x 3" from an original design by Gordon Cheape. This is the prototype completed by Sam Wilkinson and Hugh Mothersole: a very handsome and compact engine with radial valve gear.

BOILER:Classic side-fired locomotive type launch boiler built 1999 by well known boiler makers Franklin & Bell of Gloucester. complete with twin sight glasses and all valves

Water Pump: Southworth horizontal duplex.

PROP: 3 blades, 16" x 30". With a Schilling rudder

TRAILER: The boat is fully trailable and the galvanised twin axle trailer is new.

HISTORY:  Céoméwas originally fitted in 1921 with a petrol engine and Kitchen rudder for reversing. She was acquired by Oliver Cock in 1976 who fitted a steam plant. She was first steamed in 1980 and in 1993 was acquired by Wolff Zeuner, one of the most colourful of past SBA members, who fitted an ST 6A and Anthony Bever copper water tube boiler. She was subsequently bought by Hugh Mothersole who commissioned a very complete professional keel-upwards restoration in 2004 which took many years but saw the hull delivered in 2017 before sale to Mike Bell for completion.

Mike would ideally like to sell Céomé for £25.000 as a complete project but is prepared to sell hull and steam plant separately, in which case he is looking for £20,000 for the hull and trailer and £10,000 for the boiler and engine.

It would be a great shame to split this wonderful hull from this superb steam plant which would suit her perfectly,’ says Mike, ‘But I have to be practical and am looking for a future owner who would capture the vision I and all the SBA owners before me, have shared. I am very sorry not to be in a position to bring it to fruition myself.’

All enquiries to:

Mike Bell

01934 832518

mikelizbell at btinternet dot com

For Sale

42ft Saloon Launch ‘Surta’ 

16th September 2021

The time has come to offer for sale the impressive 42’ steel steam launch ‘Surta’, a much respected larger member of the SBA fleet and a long time presence on the Thames.

Built by Bristol shipyard owner David Abels to his own design and for his own use in 1988, Surta has been owned by Nigel and Felicity Guild since 2002 and has been a regular guest at Thames and other SBA events. She is built to canal gauge: 42’ LOA & LWL, 6’10” Beam, Draft 3’ and she displaces 7.5 tons.

Surta’s engine is a 5”+7” x 7.5” condensing compound built 1950 by W Sisson & Co of Gloucester. Rated at 15hp the engine was built for use in Farnborough Technical College. It has a piston valve on the HP end driven by Stephenson’s link motion reversing gear, and a slide valve and slip eccentric on the LP end. The skin condenser is 18 sq ft, welded to the outside of the hull and the right handed three bladed bronze propeller is 24”x 53”.

Her boiler is newly ticketed. It is a 3-drum all-welded steel water tube type designed by John Cooper, built 2003 by Blackbeth Engineering (Devon). Diesel fired, it has an output of 300lbs per hour at 150psi.

Boiler feed is by engine driven pump, injector or hand pump, and there is a Windermere kettle and whistle – of appropriate tone.

On the water, ‘Surta’ is quiet and dignified – pictured here on the Thames in 2012 after taking part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flotilla. She provides adequate living space for longer cruises with a double bed, toilet, shower, cooker and fridge. She is currently lying in a Thames side marina near Windsor.

£30,000 or near offer

Nigel Guild 07831 619746

or nigel underscore guild at lineone dot net

For Sale

25’ 7” trailable Canopy launch ‘Suilven’

14th September 2021

‘Suilven’ was built and engined by the late Geoff Newton 1992-3 and she was built to the highest standards. She has steamed every year since she was new and has appeared at SBA and other events all over England and Scotland as well as on the continent.

The 25’ 7” cedar strip plank epoxy glass coated hull has a 3mm external mahogany veneer. Her engine is a condensing Leak compound: 3” + 5” x 3” with piston valve on HP and a balanced slide valve on the LP, and Stephenson link motion reversing. The engine drives a three bladed 18”x26” propeller.

The boiler is a David Beale designed 24” dia coal burning VFT built in 1999 Franklin & Bell. She has 109 1” tubes, a stainless steel grate and wet ashpan plus injector and hand pump.

Being sold by Bob and Sylvia Fry, the boat is currently lying in Callington, Cornwall.

£20,000 or near offer

Bob & Sylvia Fry

01579 384657

sylvia dot fry2 at btinternet dot com

For Sale

Complete and unused 18' Frolic hull with steam plant

2 July 2021

An unused 18' Frolic hull with stern tube and prop shaft and a 15" propeller, ball thrust bearing and Hardy Spicer flexible coupling.

The hull is fully fitted with mahogany decking, seats and wheel steering.   

A new single cylinder engine  (21/2"x 3") with SLVG and feed pump. It runs well on compressed air.

The all-copper Illingworth boiler is fitted with superheater coils and a liquid fuel (kerosene) burner and has been cold tested to 300psi. The feed system has an exhaust steam heat exchanger  and the steel boiler casing has a drip tray.

The engine and boiler have both been fitted to the hull but are currently mounted on a wheeled subframe to enable easy fitting of pipe work etc. 

The boat is mounted on a single axle trailer with winch included and photos and a video can be viewed at https://tinyurl.com/kswpx2fa.

           The boat is currently located in the Cotswolds and all serious offers will be considered prior to possible auction at the                                         SBA Bourton-on-the-Water gathering in October. 

Call Bob or Nigel 01451 820061 



For Sale


23 April 2021


Sadly I have to sell  my boat, for which I have grown too old!
Hull: Length is 5 m beam x 2 m with a draught 0.8m Strip planked in ‘Paulonia’ (a genus of balsa wood) covered in fibre glass cloth and resin, inside and out, to a Selway Fisher design. The keelson and stem are teak. External paint finish is two part epoxy. Internal fittings are in ‘Rimu’ and marine ply.                                                       
Boiler: An LPG-fired flash boiler operating at 100 psi is enclosed in a stainless steel shroud with a closed loop system incorporating a keel condenser.                                Engine: Single cylinder, four column 2.5x 2.5” with SLRG and chain driven air and feed pumps                                                                                                                                              Transmission:  is by a flexible coupling to a stainless steel shaft passing through a thrust bearing to a 14”  (coarse pitch of 28”) bronze propellor.                                        Trailer:  A bespoke road trailer with LED submersible lights.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
I built ‘Poseidon’ in New Zealand between 2015 and 2018 and she was shipped in a container to Mileham, Norfolk.   

Offers in excess of £8000.
There may also be an option to purchase items separately.

David Flockhart
9 The Paddocks
Kings Lynn
PE32 2QY
David:  07570096883


For Sale


23 April 2021