The Steamboat Association
of Great Britain

to foster and encourage steam boating and the building, development, preservation and restoration of steam boats and steam machinery

to stimulate public interest
in steam boats
and steam boating

to promote high standards
of workmanship,
safety and seamanship


All boats attending SBA rallies are required to have adequate insurance.

Key Features Of Individual Boat Insurance
Offered By SBA Approved Brokers

1. Underwriters
Normally, but not exclusively, the policy offered will be underwritten by Navigators and General Insurance.

2. General Conditions
The policy will specify that the vessel is a steam boat and the main features will include:

1. Water and frost damage to the machinery, subject to the owner having taken reasonable precautions.
2. All road transit risks for craft up to 30 feet in length.
3. Liability to Third Parties and Passengers of up to £3,000,000.
4. Up to 12 months ‘in Commission for navigation’ during which time the owner shall have a valid boiler certificate.
5. Up to 12 months ‘under maintenance/restoration’ during which time a valid boiler certificate is not required.
6. No overall age limit. Valuation to be based upon purchase price or valuation report from an appropriately qualified person (e.g. SBA valuer, marine surveyor). Agreed valuations to be negotiated with owners rather than assuming static value.

3. Cruising Area

1. Cover whilst participating in Steam Boat Association rallies regardless of location.
2. Use on continental inland waterways
3. Waters of the UK including Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland/Eire/The Continent of Europe from Brest to the River Elbe including Continental Inland Waterways north of 46 degrees North and west of 10 degrees East.

4. Approved Brokers
The following are brokers that have agreed to write insurance cover that meets the SBA requirements. The Association has good relations with all of them but does not recommend any particular organisaton. Members are at liberty to seek cover elsewhere, but are advised to ensure that it is at least as good as that specified above.

Insurance Risk and Claims Management Ltd
Three Charter Court
WV10 6TD
Tel: +44(0)1902 796 793
Simon Winter Marine Limited
Clock House
Swan Hill Road
EX24 6QL
Tel: +44(0)844 988 6136
Bishop Skinner Marine
Kingfisher House
Hoffmans Way

Tel: +44(0)2075 665800

Email: contact  via website


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