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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain


This calendar shows all events known to the SBA
- however the SBA accepts no responsibility for the veracity of information about events organised by other organisations.

Note some events are "Members Only",
and you will only be able to see these if you are Logged-In to the site (and are a member!)

Future events

    • 23 Jun 2024
    • 16:00
    • 28 Jun 2024
    • 16:00
    • Windermere

    ***Registrations Now Closed***

    Anyone wishing to register from today (29 May 24) onwards must contact directly.

    I am delighted to confirm that the Windermere 2024 Rally will be held at WMBRC (Broad Leys) as usual commencing June 23th until the 28th. The costs will be £40 p/person. A booking form will be produced as usual which will be sent out to everybody who expressed an interest to attend. We are looking to include as many of the popular activities as possible.

    Chris Adamson

    Please note that I will be running this year's rally with the guidance of Roger Kent, this is an effort ensure the continuation of the event and a smoother transition as possible. 

    Please address all enquiries to my email:

    All the documentation for the rally is now available, please complete and return to the above email:

    1. Program
    2. Booking Form
    3. Boat Declaration
    4. Buffet Menu
    5. End of Rally Dinner Menu (Options Req by 07 Jun 23)
    • 29 Jun 2024
    • 30 Jun 2024
    • Calstock

    Why not come on down to beautiful Calstock in East Cornwall this June and explore the River Tamar ? 

    Once again Calstock Heritage Weekend will be held on the 29th & 30th June 2024. 

    There’ll be Morris Dancing, Sea Shanties etc and it would be great to have a few steamboats back again.

    This will be a “informal” weekend with no fixed itinerary and you’ll be free enjoy the river and shoreside activities along with other steamboat owners and crew.

    Type 4 event (private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event)

    Moorings and slipway access can be arranged.

    Limited to a maximum of 8 boats due to available moorings.

    Please contact Ian on 07771523505 or for further details

    • 29 Jun 2024
    • 11:30 - 17:00
    • McAlpine Steam Train and Museum Fawley Nr Henley on Thames.
    Registration is closed

    We are fortunate that the SBA has been invited to the late Sir William  McAlpine’s Steam Train running day and Museum at Fawley near Henley on Thames, Oxon.

    These ticket are only allocated to clubs and relevant organisations and are strictly limited for each day.

    Tickets give unlimited rides on the steam train and visits to the extensive steam related museum.  More information can be found at 

    Because of the limited number,  tickets will be given to the first 25 SBA members and guests who pay in advance, the ticket price is £15 per person.

    Children under 16 go free and are not counted in the numbers.

    To keep things simple payment should be made to me, A J  Hopper either by cheque payable to me, or by BACS details by request.

    We have a closing date when all tickets must be paid for and names given to Fawley by April 6th 2024.

    This is a fun day, good for a picnic and meet up with friends.

    Please contact me if  you need any more information on 01628 526499

    • 11 Jul 2024
    • 14 Jul 2024
    • Sankey Marina, Evesham

    Evesham River Festival

    Rally wrapped around the Festival on Saturday 13th July

    This year the Festival coincides with the 

    Russel Newbury Register Rally

    So lots of Narrow boats and added attractions 

    The SBA rally hopes to run from Thursday until Sunday pm

    Please register your interest and I will contact you to confirm how many days you wish to attend. Many thanks 
    Organiser Felicity Palmer

    • 12 Jul 2024
    • 14 Jul 2024
    • Guildford

    SBA members will be delighted that the National Trust has approved initial plans for Puffing a-Wey to be held once again at Dapdune Wharf in central Guildford on the weekend 12,13 &14th July.  


    The National Trust is very generously offering us the opportunity to use their facilities (they actually own this navigation!) and even to camp on site as before, if we so wish. Furthermore, this rally is effectively a free one – a rare gift these days – the only charge being for the barbecue.

    For those who don’t know it, Dapdune Wharf is a NT property, well-hidden behind the town’s cricket ground. It’s a little bit of rural riverside in the midst of busy Guildford. A lovely place, it was historically the administrative and boatbuilding centre when the Wey and Godalming Navigations were privately owned commercial waterways.


    Outline programme for Puffing a-Wey

    Friday – is Launch Day at Dapdune – with time, if you wish, for a bit of a steam up or down the river.

    It’s important to be aware that only on Friday 12th  can we launch at Dapdune, when we have the full run of the boatyard and slip for the day.  If you want to be at the event but can’t launch on Friday, it’s absolutely fine to arrive on Saturday but because canoes and other non-SBA people are using the Dapdune slip on that day, Saturday arrivals must launch and store trailers at Stoke Lock in North Guildford. This is hardly a disadvantage as it’s only a short run up river to Dapdune (no locks) and the slip at Stoke also has a dead straight approach, is perfectly graded but it does have very limited turning space this year so is only suitable for smaller boats.

    Friday evening eating: we fend for ourselves. We’re slap in the middle of Guildford which has some great eating places.

    Saturday: event day at Dapdune

    The main day: we are asked to pootle around in the Dapdune and central Guildford area so we can be seen and provide atmosphere for visitors to the centre. This is a very small price to pay for the free facilities we are enjoying care of the NT. We won’t be permitted to take random visitors aboard, so our main role is simply to be ‘around’ and be seen while enjoying ourselves and the company of each other.

    Saturday evening eating: We will have a barbecue at Dapdune accompanied by Mark and his Grinch Mountain friends. 

    Sunday: go for a cruise to Godalming… if you wish!

    Sunday is a free day to enjoy the river and haul out when you wish. If you want to, you can stay over until Monday and leave then.

    Puffing a-Wey is a shared NT/SBA event so as we work up more detailed plans with our NT colleagues, we will share them with you. 

    So please register for the event so that Ian Bucknall and Mark Rudall will be able to share more details with you.

    • 19 Jul 2024
    • 21 Jul 2024
    • Bristol Floating Harbour


    Steamboats @ Bristol Harbour Festival 2024

    Welcome to the Steamboat element of the Bristol Harbour Festival – we look forward to seeing old hands and new faces. The format will be much the same as previous years – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    I should also mention that Bristol Harbour Festival is being organised by two new management organisations in 2024 (one for the land based and one for the water based activities as far as I can ascertain) so there may be some changes!

    The 2024 format will be much the same as previous years (I hope!) with a couple of variations; however, for those with short memories (like me), and those that didn’t attend last year, this is what to expect:

    Friday: Launch (Cottage Pub, Baltic Wharf, Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6XG) anytime from about 12h00 onwards. 

    Those that have signed up (and paid!) will get together for a communal evening meal at The Bear at Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SF. (marked on map) from about 19h00 to eat at 19h30. Cash bar. Parking can be in short supply near the pub but there are a number of spaces directly outside - first come, first served.

    Saturday: You are at liberty to steam around the festival site (except as commanded by the Harbour Authorities whilst other ‘spectacles’ take place) plus we will have 1, maybe 2, coordinated ‘Steam Processions’, with live PA commentary, through the day – a great chance to show off, especially our whistles and sirens. These processions are where we earn our keep, so to speak, and whilst participation is not obligatory they are both good fun and our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to the Festival for their generous hospitality. The Processions will be ‘topped and tailed’ by Harbour Launches so it is a really easy case of ‘follow my leader’. Would those of you that want to promote your boat let me have some ‘blurb’ for the commentator to use – interesting snippets about the boat over and above the basic length, engine and boiler specs are good. We are, again, promised to be featured in the Harbour Festival Programme and I don’t know how much they will print but I will let them have all that you let me have – info sooner rather than later please.

    Saturday evening – Meal - venue yet to be determined. This MUST be pre-booked with me. 

    Sunday: Lazy steam-up (10h00ish) and one procession through the Festival but, instead of turning around, we will just keep on going up the harbour/canal/river until we reach the pub (actually two pubs side by side through a lock). This will give you a chance to see where the ‘Floating Harbour’ joins the River Avon, observe some of Bristol’s industrial past (and present) as well as having a nice chug through some pleasant countryside. Lunch can be taken at either pub or onboard before returning via the reciprocal route either straight to pull-out or to another over-night on your berth.

    I will be assisting those going home on Sunday to pull out and suggest that you steam straight to the Cottage Pub slipway and moor up on the dinghy pontoons whilst preparing to pull out. This is when a degree of tact and cooperation is required as there will be a large number of other users all wanting to access the slip at this time. I will try to referee and coordinate with the other ‘team leaders’, but please be patient and cooperative in order to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible.

    I will also be in attendance on Monday morning to assist those of you that are pulling out. In some years we have had more of a ‘traffic jam’ at the slip on Monday than we had on Sunday afternoon, so please note the comments above and I am sure it will all go ‘swimmingly’.

    Any queries, please contact me on 01275 331074 or Mobile: 0790 528 6711 or via email
    or snail mail: Manor Farm, Scot Lane, Chew Stoke, BS40 8UW.

    We look forward to seeing you all.

    Kevin & Gillie Slater



    The Member of the SBA coordinating with the Event Organiser is Kevin Slater.


    Event type 2 

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance.

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

    • 19 Jul 2024
    • 21 Jul 2024
    • Fawley Meadows, Henley-On-Thames, England

    Thames Traditional Boat Festival

    Thames Traditional Boat Festival will be on Fawley Meadow in Henley, from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2024. This popular Thames boating event is open to all steamboats who wish to come along. Please make sure that you book via the Traditional Boat Festival website to register your entry.   

     Click here for the

    Message from Adam Toops…

    “Despite being outnumbered by other groups at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival,  SBA members have never failed to show some truly stunning entries that add so much to the waterside scene.   

    While we have no difficulty filling all the space at our disposal usefully before the closing date, it would be wonderful to see more SBA members attend.  Along with punts, steam craft entries have now been very low for some time. 

    Our website may be found  

    I would be happy to personally answer any questions that you may

    The steamboats attending will be co-ordinated by Andy Hopper.

    Event type 2 

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance.

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

    • 24 Aug 2024
    • 11:00
    • Tom Jones Boatyard, Romney Lock, Windsor

    We the SBA have been invited to join Steve Bil, the owner of Tom Jones Boatyard at Windsor in Berkshire for a meet up with members of the SMEE ( Society of Model and Experimental Engineers ) on August  24 th at 11.30 am.

    This is to be a joint social  meeting with people of a similar mind, hosted by Steve who is a member of both societies.

     For those who wish,  you can make up  a table as a bring and buy ( cost £5 ) to sell items relevant to the hobbies.

     Steve will make available Tea, Coffee and cakes for a small fee during the day. 

     This is a great opportunity to look around Steves yard, and see traditional boat building activities.

     Anyone wishing to bring a steam boat should contact me to discuss the various options of launching and mooring. Steve hopes we will have some present.

    This is not an official SBA event.

     The address of the boatyard is,

    Romney Lock, Riverside Walk, Windsor, BERKS. SL4 6HU. Tel. 07936 023698 

    To register your interest to join for the day, so I can let Steve know how many people are coming,  please contact me.

    Andy Hopper.  Tel. 01628 526499.


    • 13 Sep 2024
    • 10:00 - 16:30
    • Fell Foot, Windermere

    Following the successful Get Your Feet Wet on the River Wey, we have started running similar events on Windermere. This is our 3rd year.

    It designed to be inexpensive, will be for a maximum of 16 people and will be highly informative and hands-on, with time on the water and the opportunity enjoy operating small marine steam plants of different kinds.

    It's the ideal starting point if you are thinking of getting a steam boat, or just want to know more.

    Registration for trainees is now open.

    Further information here. A risk assessment is available here.

    The handout which will be provided at the event may be downloaded here.

    Owners of boats participating (Instructors) please register for the event and complete the event declaration form which can be found here

    • 04 Oct 2024
    • 06 Oct 2024
    • Royal Windermere Yacht Club

    The Lay-up Rally will follow a similar pattern to last year:

    Friday - launch and steam in the North Lake or Bowness Bay. As in previous years, bar snacks will be available at the RWYC in the evening.

    Saturday - visit Windermere Jetty Museum at lunchtime; picnic or pay-as-you-go at the café. Steam in the North Lake. Lay-up Supper at the RWYC in the evening.

    Sunday - Steam in the South Lake, with lunch at Fell Foot: picnic or pay-as-you-go at the café. Return and haul out.

    The registration form will be available later in the year - probably in August. Please indicate on the registration form if you expect to go to the cafés - no commitment.

    Launching facilities for small boats will be available at RWYC, others can launch at the Ferry Nab. All boats must have a Windermere registration, which can be obtained on-line from the Lake District National Park office in Kendal. It can no longer be bought at the slipway. All boats must submit a declaration.

    Please note the Risk Assessment for the rally.

    Location, launching and mooring information

    Some suggestions for accomodation: Accomodation2021.pdf

    For further details, or to express an interest, contact Roger Calvert.

    Event type 1

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance; 

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

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