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Miscellaneous  -  Sales & Wants

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place. 

If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

Suggestion for Advertisers : If you can, please send photos as attachments rather than embedded in your email.  The latter will arrive as 100k images which is not too much above a thumbnail.  We love attachments of 2000k each as it allows us to crop and otherwise adjust images to improve the advert.  We do appreciate that this is not always possible.

Adverts last modified: 15th June 2024


Four Steam Engine Indicators

15th June 2024

I have four steam engine indicators to offer. All are in wooden boxes with assorted springs, adapters, cords, etc. I have not checked that the springs are a coherent set in any of them.

1. Richards’ Improved Steam-Engine Indicator (according to the box – no markings on the thing itself) in a folding box. It includes papers, printed on the back as log sheets (with a space for the Chief engineer’s signature). The back of the lid compartment is a radial divider, with instructions for its use. I know this one works – my students used it on Crofton Engine no 1 in 1998.

2. Richards’ Patent Steam-Engine Indicator, made by Elliott Brothers, Opticians, The Strand London, according to the box. But the indicator does not fit the box properly without dismantling, so must be in the wrong box. It is very similar to the other two Richards’ models. Includes a ruler and what appears to be a hone for the cylinder.

3. Improved Richards’ Steam Engine Indicator by Joseph Casartelli of Manchester (on the box), Casartelli & Potters Patent (on the body). Includes rulers and a 3/4”-10 taper tap.

4. A smaller and neater nickel-plated indicator in a folding box with a lock and key, marked Elliott Bros London No 2609. Includes a number of rulers, a graticule, a screwdriver and a padded stick.

I am prepared to consider offers for any/all of these.

Roger Calvert jrogercalvert at gmail dot com or contact details in the SBA membership list.


Universal Joint Drive Shaft

11th April 2024

As-new, still with its waxed paper protective wrapping, It is probably WW2 government surplus. It has a brass plate with an illegible 'Type' and a 'Serial No'.

The two universal joints have needle roller bearings with rubber seals and grease nipples. They are connected by a splined adjustable length shaft.

One end has four bolts for fixing to a flange or spider, in a rectangle 1 5/8 inches by 2 inches. The other end is clearly designed for a very specific type of coupling 2½ inches diameter, (but could be modified).

Approximate Dimensions: width 3½ inches, height 3½ inches. length adjustable 8½ to 10 inches, weight about 2 kg.

Offers to jrogercalvert at gmail dot com or via contact details in the Membership List.


A range of useful steamboating items

30th March 2024

2. Brand new (old stock) 24V Sinclair C5 motors. These heavily built but compact motors would be excellent for marine use. There are two of these still in original packing.

Price: £95 each

Contact: Hugh Mothersole hrmsteam at btinternet dot com

This item can be posted or collected but if you’d like it mailed please add £10 for p&p. If you’re buying more than one item from Hugh please drop him an email to check re postage.


Vintage Model Engineer

14th March 2023

Vintage Collection of Model Engineer Magazines from 1947 to 1953

Free to good home.

Arthur  Baldwin   Gosport,   Hampshire   

janart7 at yahoo dot co dot uk


Boiler Tester's Pressure Gauge

24th  February 2023

One of our boiler inspectors is retiring and is offering for sale a very nice specimen of one of the tools of his trade – a high quality duplex pressure gauge with split two-needle readout, complete with leather carrying case and a selection of union fittings.

Maker: Smith Bros and E Hyson Ltd. Nottingham.

Solid brass case.

9 cm dia dial face.

weight: 3.2Kilos.

Pressure range: 0-200 lb/in separate hands serve each side of the graduated face and operate simultaneously both fitted to a common inlet fitting. The instrument is therefore self checking.

It comes with eleven assorted brass unions.

Due to weight, collection is preferred, contact David Turner

Contact Email: turner_d_a at hotmail dot com
Tel. 01753 882083

Price: £80.00


Lathe 4.5" X 18"

15 July 2022

Patrick Mulholland is helping to clear the workshop of a recently deceased friend.

There is a substantial lathe that was in regular use for the last fifteen years or so for model making.

LATHE     -   SMART & BROWN model A  Mark 2  toolroom lathe 4.5” centre height by 18“  between centres

An assortment of 3 and 4 jaw chucks (Two Pratt Burnerd in nearly new condition)  About 30 collets, 9” faceplate, Dickson QC toolpost  and 5 QC toolholders, fixed steady plus  various  small tools and oddments.

This machine is three phase and is powered by an inverter which also gives variable speed control.

The equipment is located in Romsey, Hampshire.

Offers considered of about £900 for the lath and £200 for the inverter.

Please contact: Patrick Mulholland  01425 476837 or email to  with any  queries or to arrange a viewing.


Welsh Steam Coal

7th June 2022


Pearl & Zenith Foundry Patterns

1st May 2022

The Pearl Engine and the Zenith Engine foundry patterns are for sale. All are well proven for use by foundries or in a small shop.

The Pearl 2 ½ by 3 and the 2 ½ + 2 ½ by 3 engines as well as the Zenith 2 ½ by 5 engine are precise replicas of classic marine steam propulsion. These engines have been well accepted for decades.

The patterns are on match plates and ready for immediate use. The patterns can be removed from the match plates and just the patterns with their core boxes can be shipped very economically.

The patterns and core boxes have been professionally produced and work well. The supplied machining drawings can be easily re-produced.

More engine details can be found at:

Images of all the patterns and core boxes can be viewed there as well as videos of the engines running.

Will consider an offer for all or part.

For more information please contact:
Roger Grosser

PearlEngine at gmail dot com


Machined beam engine castings (almost) free to the right home!

28th March 2022

Machined major components for an ME Beam Engine. They are available to anyone (a) who will pick them up from my home in mid-Sussex and (b) is happy to make a £20 donation to the Red Cross.

The ME Beam Engine was serialised some years ago in ‘Model Engineer’ and these parts come with a complete set of drawings, while the remaining castings are available from Reeves. Flywheel is 9" diameter and beam is 10" long.

Please note that I will not be posting these parts. They need to be picked up or maybe could be handed over at ‘Puffing a-Wey’ or the Thames Rally later in the year.

John Richardson 01825 731902

jwrathome at gmail dot com


Complete set of un-machined Stuart Turner ‘Cygnet’ castings

25th March 2022

This is the marinized version of the 5A and the set is complete, except for the reversing gear, in the original box from Stuarts.

The current price of a complete set of un-machinedcastings for building a 5A is £987 + VAT @ 20% but this set is on offer for £830 ONO- and the seller, in Belgium, advises that a solution can be found for forwarding the parcel in the UK.

Hubert de Houck hubert dot dehouck at skynet dot be

(Photo stolen from Stuart Turner's Website)


A 3x2x3 Worthington Simpson duplex steam pump

3rd February 2022

This really useful pump is in fully working order, restored by me.

See [] for details.

Offers over£390

I can deliver to AGM or collection from Cumbria

Malcolm Duckett 01768372893 or malcolm dot duckett at btopenworld dot com



26 September 2021

Having been a member of the SBA for many years, I possess copies of the back issues of Funnel, journal of the SBA (and a good read to boot,) which I am now looking to re-home with a caring owner.

I have a copy of all issues from Number 31 to Number 190 (the latest issue), including the Classified Quick Reference Indexes covering Issues 31 to 175 inclusive.

I live in Swanage, Dorset, which would be a long way to travel for most prospective new owners to come and pick them up, especially in these uncertain times, therefore I would be prepared to send them at my expense to any UK mainland address. (Sorry, any interested party from overseas would have to pay postage or collect. Intrepid Steamboaters could consider a sea voyage to Swanage to collect in person).

If you are interested in this offer, please contact me, Patricia Platt, by email at

or by phone (landline) on 01929 424496.

(There is an answerphone facility to leave a message if I’m not in).

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