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Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place.  During the Covid 19 pandemic adverts will not be culled monthly since it is unlikely that the market for steamboating items will be very active.  However, please continue to send in your adverts and they will be posted.  If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

Adverts last modified: 23 April 2021

   For Sale

1907-built Marine engine suitable for large launch or  steam narrowboat           

April 23 2021


I have for sale, in excellent condition, an attractive Finnish-built compound condensing marine engine suitable for a large launch by Tehtaat Lehtoniemi & Taipale in 1907, their no 197. 

Thought to be a rare survivor, the pictures show a substantially-built engine to suit a 30-40’ launch - or maybe a narrow boat -  with a number of interesting features. It has a large (LP) crosshead driven air pump, a comprehensive ten-point drip lubrication system all fed from one cylindrical glass-ended reservoir and, to British eyes, an unusual inbuilt ratchet-driven mechanical lubricator at the hp end.

The engine is owned by a private museum of technology in Germany. Before that, it belonged to a German company for about 40 years but any earlier history is not known to me

Approximate dimensions (located on the euro pallet):
length 120 cm
height 80 cm
width 70 cm

weight about 400 kg

We are looking for around 15,000 Euros  (ca £13k) but this is of course negotiable and there is the possibility of transport from Germany to the UK

If you have any questions, please contact Adam Golly (in English or German)  Email 24.golly@gmail.com 

For Sale

Complete Steam Plant for 20ft launch

March 2021

If you are looking for a complete steam plant to power a boat of around 20ft, this could be the answer! The engine and fittings are in very good condition and beautifully made. The engine turns over on around 7psi of compressed air. Everything is included in this sale; there is even a Windermere kettle. I will also sell the new owner as much coal, steam oil and water treatment as they want, at cost.


Yarrow type 3 drum WT.    

Built 1991 by J. Murray.

Fuel: Coal

Pressure: 100 psi

Grate: 1.3 sqft

Output: 150 lbs/hr

Design: J Murray. Drums 6”, water tubes 0.5” dia.

(complete design specs included)

Windermere. kettle

Teak casing

Will come with new hydraulic test good for another 10 years.


Twin 2.25” + 2.25” x 3”

Built: 1991 by K. Hutchinson   

Design: K. Hutchinson

RPM: 450

IHP: 5

Valve(s): SV

Gear: SLRG

Pumps: Ecc driven, hand

Keel condenser

Price £6,500

I can deliver to England and Wales at cost. (when we’re allowed to!)

Contact Graeme for more information on 07999449173, email: boyd-moss@hotmail.com


Boiler Suitable for 16' Boat


I have recently purchased my first steam boat project and am looking for a boiler, suitable for coal firing and preferably a VFT (although others considered) to drive a Taylor single engine (2.5" x 2.5" cylinder) in a 16' boat.

Before I dive in and start building a boiler, I thought it just worth asking on here as you never know what people have tucked away!

Not entirely sure what I'm after as there is still some freedom in the boat to move things about, but if you've anything that sounds like it may be of use please get in touch to discuss!

Email: jameshuntley1994@yahoo.co.uk

For Sale

Triple Expansion Engine


Triple expansion engine.  Length 20 inches, height 17 inches, width 10 inches.  

Cylinder bores approx. 1, 1.5, and 2 by 3.5 stroke.  

It's a one-off, I think, but it's well made and runs well on air.

Do contact me if you'd like to know more.  

Robin Slatter

My email is:     robins@broadlandnet.co.uk

Price £1,950

For Sale

Four Cylinder Launch Engine
(Under construction)


Bob McMillan’s partially built engine designed by Trefor Milns is for sale. He and Trefor were both building them at the same time.

We have all the casting patterns, the drawings etc. Bob had intended this engine to power his 'next boat' which was supposed to be about 36' long.

The engine is a 4 cylinder triple expansion and has already had a substantial amount of work done to it. Rough dimensions are L 100cm, W 50cm, H 75cm.

All sensible offer will be considered.

Sue Stefanik <suestefanik1@gmail.com>

For Sale (Price Reduction!)

Elliot Bay Triple Castings


Set of largely unmachined castings to make an Elliott Bay triple expansion engine.

This consists of approximately 80% of the full set as supplied by Elliott bay and includes a FULLY MACHINED cylinder block including fitted piston valve liners.

The bed plate (unmachined) is the six bearing type with provision for the Bill Lowe slow speed pumps (castings included).

Also included are E.B. drawings. I have made two of these engines, see Whippet & Willamette in the register. 

Interested parties can phone or e-mail for a full list of what I have,  I would be willing to ship UK by pallet at cost.


J Maltby 01768352025  jmaltby478@aol.com

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