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Pembroke Dock

  • 09 Aug 2014
  • Pembroke

  non-SBA event

  Pembroke Dock


Pembroke Dock is celebrating its bicentenary this year.


The West Wales Maritime Heritage Society, of Pembroke Dock are celebrating the ex Navel Dockyard's bicentenary this year part of this is a parade of sail in the entrance of Cosheston Pill on 9 August 2014 rendezvous 15.30 hrs.

They would really like a steam boat or two to join the parade of sail if at all possible.
It has explained to the committee that steam boats do not take kindly to riding at anchor for long periods and so if any SBA boats are able to attend it has been suggested to the committee that all steam boats attending simply steam past 
and then have a fun cruise towards Lawrenny.

If anyone is interested in attending and seeing a little of this historic and beautiful waterway then please either contact SBA member Paul Miller
at or David James Honorary Secretary of the WWMHS on tel. 01646 683764. 

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