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Diary of a Steamboater - December

27 Dec 2015 12:29 | Deleted user

During 2015 Philip Webster will be giving us a monthly update on his adventures in Banjo:

Full of 'eastern promise', the weather here was perfect for a steam trip. Blue sky, warm sun and a light breeze, our hurricane type weather promised for tomorrow!

Banjo seems to like these unscheduled rests, the outward journey against the tide, and again homeward bound, were completed very briskly, then to top it all the engine (Beryl 2), ran down to five P.S.I. ! The extra speed may have been helped by the shortage of crew. One was watching snooker in York, the other frog marched in to some retail establishment, ugh!

Down to three and a dog again this week, just means we get to lunch a bit quicker! It almost seems a shame to pull her out when going so well, just two more trips then I can investigate those rattles! Steam boating has that wonderful quality of being interesting and enjoyable on the water or in the shed.

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