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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain


Topical notes and archive about the SBA and the world of steamboats

  • 28 Feb 2023 12:57 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We received the following from  Delena Weldon in Australia, who asked if we could publicise the her note:

    Queensland Australia re: steamboat set to be scrapped.

    Hello, I'm writing from Queensland Australia, grasping at straws for help to save the Forceful tug boat, in Brisbane Queensland. The above link will explain what is to happen to her in a months' time.

    I have included the Forceful's details, she was built in Glasgow, and maybe this will help with someone in the UK being interested.

    Thank you for listening. My contact details are as follows.

    Delena Weldon
    19 Pine St
    Miles Qld 4415
    Ph: 0408989437

  • 14 Feb 2023 11:13 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Members, thank you very much for your response to our membership survey.

    We have compiled the (260) results received so far into a report, and this can be downloaded here: PDF Report

    (For completeness you can also download the Full Results Spreadsheet , but it's not very easily understood).

    Member's also provided a number of "general comments" these can be read here

    This data will be used in shaping our thinking and planning.

    Volunteers - your details needed! 

    A number of questions asked if you would be willing to help in a variety of different ways, and a good number of people said "yes".

    But, as the survey was anonymous we still need your name, so we can put you in touch with the right people. So, if you are prepared to help in any way, then please email the Secretary or Webmaster to let them know your name and what you would like to help with. This is not a formal commitment to do anything, just an expression of interest.

  • 12 Feb 2023 10:31 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Just a note to say we have managed to appoint some new Area Reps - (Thank you for volunteering).

    As part of this process we have fixed a number of errors in the list that assigns postcodes to areas. You can see these all here:

    This involved merging all the "London" Regions into one (London West) as we only had 5 members in London (North). So, some might appear odd!

    You can see your assigned representatives in the Area Forums Pages, and use these forums to communicate with each other. See:

    Remember that you can always update your Prime SBA  Region, and Other SBA region of interest in your profile from the link you get when you click on the little blue man (top left of screen).

    Setting these Regions will help your Area Rep let you know about events and news for your area. Also remember you do not have to join the region defined by your postcode, you choose an area (or areas) which make most sense to you.

  • 30 Dec 2022 22:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I am delighted to report that Roger Mallinson, Chairman of The Shamrock Trust and Honorary Member of the SBA has been awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours.

    The citation is “Chair and Boat Manager, The Shamrock Trust. For services to Steam Boating Heritage and the community in Cumbria”.

    Hearty congratulations Roger!

    Roger Calvert

  • 28 Sep 2022 09:15 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Faye Beerling’s “Adventures of the Medway Queen” is a summary of the ship’s history in story form, aimed at primary school children. Faye specialises in children’s books with a historical theme written in association with museums and collections.

    In our new book, Jasmine, with her friend Peter and Peter’s Mum, visit Medway Queen at Gillingham Pier and take the tour of the ship.

    “Adventures of the Medway Queen” will be launched at Gillingham Pier on Saturday October 8th. It is planned that the author, Faye Beerling, will be on hand to sign books and chat to her readers and all are welcome.

  • 21 Sep 2022 13:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    (this is a copy of an email all members should have just received)

    Overview - SBA IT System Update

    During the course of the last year, we (the committee) have been discussing how we manage and maintain the IT systems that support the SBA and its members.

    So this includes both the "visible systems" (i.e. SBA Web site, The Steamboat Register, Events, News, Forums, emails, Zoom, and social media), and the "hidden systems" (like email servers, hosting platforms, wild apricot etc. that make all this function).

    The Next Steps Document

    This has resulted in a document (and an accompanying slide presentation) describing our intentions in implementing some updates and changes to our IT systems that will help us all make the most of our memberships, and exploit the web and on-line systems that we already use to make it easier for members to participate in SBA events (both on-line and in the real world). I have included links to this "Next Steps" document, and the associated slides. PLEASE READ THEM NOW!

    Read the SBA IT Next Steps Document

    View the SBA IT Next Steps Slides  (click the slideshow link when the doc opens)

    An SBA IT Team - are you ready to help?

    The first step is to form a formal SBA IT Team of members who will take responsibility for managing and maintaining each of our systems. So, this message is a request for members who might be willing to join this IT team and take on the work involved in maintaining and managing one or more of these components.

    Some notes before you say "yes":

    • Read the Next Steps document and slides before you respond please.
    • We need people with professional experience of managing and running IT systems, you will be surprised by the size and complexity of our systems.
    • We are not intending to implement a "perfect" system, but a simple, reliable and manageable system, exploiting the functionality of our chosen platforms, that we can maintain without needing to spend members' subscription money on "experts" or "consultants".
    • We are not undertaking a "rewrite" or "redesign" of our systems or web sites, we are just making sure we have the functionality the SBA needs, constructed in a reliable, maintainable form.
    • You will need to be ready to spend some time (probably no more than an hour or so a week) on the task.
    • You may be responsible for access to systems that contain personal data, so some appreciation of the requirements of practical on-line security are imperative.
    • You will be a member of a team, and so will need to agree programs of work with other team members, and implement changes in concert with others.
    • You are not required to be a committee member to join the IT Team.
    • Your efforts will be much appreciated!

    If all this sounds like your bag, then please drop me a line, telling me about your experience and interest and we will get back to you as we move forwards.

    Click to email Malcolm, to register your interest

    A thank you to Roger Heise

    Roger Heise's has decided that this is the time to step away from the administration of the SBA IT systems after many years of dedicated effort. So, we all owe Roger a considerable "thank you".


    Malcolm Duckett

  • 06 Sep 2022 16:23 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A skipper from Liverpool who has put his life's work into restoring a historic steamship has been awarded the Merchant Navy Medal in honour of his achievement on Saturday 3 September 2022).

    Captain Dan Cross has received the prestigious Merchant Navy Medal for his efforts in restoring the iconic SS Daniel Adamson, which first set sail in 1903. Through Dan’s restoration efforts, he has supported young people from all backgrounds and abilities to learn, participate and eventually volunteer as part of the ship’s crew and go on to lead careers in engineering and across the maritime sector.

  • 18 Aug 2022 23:07 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We cooperated with JSC of Poland in the design and production of their latest card kit featuring HMS Medway Queen and 3 other Dunkirk ships. These kits are now available through MQPS in support of the Medway Queen’s preservation and have been announced on our website and Facebook page.

  • 29 Mar 2022 14:38 | Anonymous member

    Mark Rudall and five others headed to Trossachs Pier for the first ‘Sir Walter’s Workweek’. They had a fascinating time and were part of the process to set the iconic Scottish pleasure steamer on course towards steaming once again in the autumn.  Read Mark's comprehensive report on the SBA website here. But she needs more help: is this something for you? If it is, talk to SBA Committee member Adrian Greco who will be delighted to hear from you.

  • 20 Mar 2022 09:18 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Post AGM news

    A big thank you to all who attended this year’s AGM either physically or online - especially those who travelled a long way. For those of you who couldn’t make it then a little news of how things went.

    We started with a very successful auction which not only boosted club finances, but also the pockets of members who brought items to sell! Strangest item offered was a Magimix kitchen mixer – not at all sure what this had to do with steam boating, but it went for £2!

    We then covered the many developments and initiatives which the club has achieved this last year, followed by Roger Powell, our membership secretary, reporting very healthy growth in new members (19) so far this year which is double that in previous recent years.

    Our treasurer, Nigel, said club finances were much reduced from previous, perhaps unnecessarily high, cash balances. The good news here though is that we will finish the year with cash in the bank and the new membership rates (mentioned below) will boost this back to safe levels.

    Most know that Kevin Slater has boldly stepped up as our new editor, he reported that all was now in order and that Funnel 192 will shortly be with paid up members together with a free copy of the fascinating new 50 at 50 booklet.

    Serious business then followed, centered on two new proposals put to members.

    1 An increase in the cost of subs

    2 Changes to the Constitution.

    After vigorous discussion results were as follows:

    1 - Carried by a large majority - 81% in favour. Next year UK subs will be £36 and £44 for overseas. Junior membership remains at £12.

    2 – Defeated as the small majority achieved was insufficient to carry the matter to the required postal vote. Constitution changes will now be studied by a subcommittee who will then re-present for members approval in due course.

    We closed the meeting with a very informative talk by Peter Green, skipper of SL Alaska.

    Happy steaming this year – we have some great events planned for you all!

    Tootle Pip

    John J

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