The Steamboat Association
of Great Britain

to foster and encourage steam boating and the building, development, preservation and restoration of steam boats and steam machinery

to stimulate public interest
in steam boats
and steam boating

to promote high standards
of workmanship,
safety and seamanship


Lord Forsyth
Vice Presidents:    
Adrian Birtles      Richard Havard      Brian Smith       Sam Wilkinson


Kevin Slater

I am a Chartered Engineer and have spent 35+ years at sea as a Marine Engineer. I now run a small engineering consultancy specialising in steam boat plant.

I feel that, as a result of my working life, I have some useful experience to bring to the SBA. I am also a Boiler Inspector and Boiler Design Assessor for SBAS Ltd. My wife, Gillie, and I own and run SL Zara Finn.

Hon. Secretary


Gillie Slater

From the 2020 AGM, I agreed to take on my second stint as Hon. Secretary to the SBA. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am the current Chairman’s wife and we joined the SBA together – both being lovers of boats and water. Learning about steam engineering was a new thing for me and something that is (and will always be) a work in progress. I come from a sailing family and love being on the water – whatever form of craft and propulsion. By career, I am a lawyer and so I hope to assist the Association by my considerable experience in the legal and commercial fields.


Hon. Treasurer 

Nigel Thomson

I joined the SBA in 1994 and have found the association to be source of great friendships and adventures. I have just finished the building of a 25ft saloon launch, which means I can start planning the next one.  In my opinion steamboating is the ideal way of spending time with friends. 

Membership Secretary


Mike Cole

I have been a member of the SBA for over 10 years but only recently bought a steamboat. Having been always been a small boat sailor and with a technical background, I found I was drawn to steamboats. Now after many (steam)boat less years in the SBA, I am now looking forward to putting my own boat onto the water and playing Pirates with my family.  One thing I now regret is not taking more advantage of my SBA membership to take part in all the various rallies that the SBA holds.



Vice Chairman

John Jewsbury

11 years experience renovating and re-engineering a steam launch which had slipped into sad disrepair. I feel therefore that I can offer some relevant knowledge to members thinking of embarking on a similar journey.

I would also hope to offer the club sales, and even organisational, skills gleaned from many years running my own business. "Vapor diligere "

Dot Bullough

I have been a member of the SBA since 2002 and have owned and run "SL Aurora" since 2003, on my own since my husband's death.  I am NW rep for the SBA and a founder Trustee of the historic Windermere steam saloon launch "Shamrock".
Over the past few years the SBA Committee has been keen to promote proactivity within the Area Reps.  As a rep I am aware of the pitfalls of this and I am keen to help with this aspect of the development of the SBA.
Also I am what could be referred to as a 'non-technical' steam boater; to have people on the Committee who are not inclined to do their own maintenance nor who have the facilities to do so I see as an asset.

Daniel Hutchinson

Having been actively involved in steamboats and the SBA from a young age, am passionate about promoting my hobby and providing at platform for like minded people to interact.

I have reasonable experience in running a successful online community and have significant exposure to individuals who promote events and organisations professionally.

While 30 this year I find myself as one of the younger members of the association and feel this gives me the approrate footing to promote the SBA to the next generation of potential members.

Adrian Greco

Having spent over 35 years around various craft powered by wind, after only 10 minutes aboard Silkie in August 2015 I knew that I had to have one. This makes me a novice and possibly a bit rash. And an optimist, because my original intention was to build a steam engine and boat....until I realised the timescale involved. 

That was all BV (before Vesuvius) and now everything makes much more sense.

I have a Physics degree and a background in Avionic Systems but the majority of my working life has been spent in high volume manufacturing. So steam seemed a logical regression.

I hope to be able to assist in developing and continuing to build the SBA for the greater good. As for that engine, well, I least I now have a lathe.


Helen Steeple


Roger Heise


John Winn

 Felicity Palmer

Appointed by the Committee

Vice Chairman: John Jewsbury
Membership Finance Secretary:
Mike Cole
Membership Correspondence Secretary:
Sandra Brown
European Secretary: Roger Heise
Events Secretary:
Felicity Palmer
Funnel Editor:
Mark Rudall
Public Relations Advisor:
Post vacant
Safety Information Coordinator:
Keith Ward
SBA Sales:
Mike Bell

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