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to foster and encourage steam boating and the building, development, preservation and restoration of steam boats and steam machinery

to stimulate public interest
in steam boats
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to promote high standards
of workmanship,
safety and seamanship

Here is the album of event-related photographs uploaded by members. If you are a member you can add to this album by uploading your own photographs. (You can see the other albums via these links: Boats Album Page,  Misc Album Page)

A couple of points to remember:

1) Only upload photographs that you own or have taken. (Think about copyright/privacy/decency etc. when posting.)

2) Please reduce image size so they are less than about 1500x1000pixels (or less than 1MB) or we will run out of space.

3) Add a short caption to your photographs, so that viewers know to which event they relate. Captions must be added by the person uploading the picture and can be is done once the file is uploaded and visible.

Events Photo Album

<< All album photos 2/49 photos
1979-1980 Possibly Tewksbury

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